The MVP concept is not new. However, not many new businesses know how to utilize MVP examples widely. When it comes to the definition of MVP, there are just too many to count. In the simplest of words, an MVP (minimum viable product) is a version of the product that only showcases the primary features to help satisfy customers and it helps provide the business with crucial feedback for future development. A minimum viable product example has to be minimum and viable. The following are some of the most common minimum viable product examples.

Product Design

The design of the product could be quite simple (sketches) or more complex (mockups). Let’s take a closer look at these.

  • Sketches: It is a drawing in a free-hand format of the system. Tools such as Proto may also be used. The web pages or main screens of the future product along with the core mechanics will be presented through the sketch. These can be used for presenting the project to potential investors and for highlighting the main idea.
  • Mockups: User interface mockups allow the product design that can be implemented by the software to be depicted colorfully. It showcases the full-size part of the design itself. The minimum viable product examples are useful for fundraising, promotion, evaluation, and demonstration. The mockups need to be clickable to be test interaction with the future app or website.

Demo Videos

Another great minimum viable product example is a demo video. It allows the business to directly ask the audience if the solution meets their requirements. Video by Dropbox is an excellent example in the category. The idea of all your digital data in a single place and yet available from everywhere was groundbreaking. You can do the same by creating a demo video of the product to pitch the idea to users and potential investors.

Landing Page

The main purpose of a landing page is to offer crucial information about the product and how it stands out. It is a search engine optimized web page that is the backbone of digital marketing. Hence, it is a great idea to create a landing page for the upcoming product to spread the word. It will help generate interest and you can easily get feedback from your very first user base. Potential investors are more likely to invest in a product that has an audience.


Receive payments for your product before it is even produced by utilizing crowd-funding platforms such as Kickstarter. For instance, Pebble is an innovative watch for smartphones made of e-paper and it managed to raise more than $10 using Kickstarter.

Hire an Expert Digital Product Studio

If you are a new business and are thinking about digital product development to develop your first MVP, you should consider hiring an expert Digital Product Studio such as Venture Leap to help you out. They have managed to create an efficient system using the tool LEAP which has helped entrepreneurs quickly develop profitable MVPs. The team at Venture Leap can help you accomplish your goals much faster and for less.