Aluminum is a metal that needs no introduction. Chances are that you already are quite familiar with it. From aluminum foil to tablets, it is used for creating just about everything. Aluminum is easy to recognize due to it being very reflective and having a silvery white color. A great trait of the metal is that it is non-toxic. This means that you can simply cook with it and eat things that are on it as you would not get sick. As the thirteenth element of the periodic table, it offers a ton of uses. It is even possible to combine other metals to aluminum to provide it greater strength.

The truth is that aluminum is extremely strong. It can even be used for building ships and planes. In fact, there is even a plastic that consists of aluminum inside. Despite the fact that the metal was used for thousands of years by humans, it was Sir Humphry Davy that gave it its name in 1807. In fact, it took about 20 years for the metal to be isolated and purified by Wohler who was a chemist.


Where Can You Find Aluminum?

Aluminum can be found just about anywhere. The following examples will give you an idea about where the metal is used.

  1. Serving Utensils

One of the most common aluminum items that you will find is serving utensils. The next time you decide to eat at a restaurant, you are likely to recognize utensils that are made of aluminum. Some of the serving utensils that use aluminum include spoons, knives, and forks. Non-stick pan is one of the commonly used cutlery, which is made of Aluminum Discs.

  1. Gems and Rubies

Ruby is a special stone that is used for creating a variety of jewelry items. It contains aluminum atoms inside. You can instantly recognize a ruby its dark red color. The gem is widely used for its beauty.

  1. Aluminum Foil

Whenever you want to microwave something, you are likely to use aluminum foil. Whether you are heading to school or making something, you can count on aluminum foil to save the day. Since it is made of aluminum, it is non-toxic. Hence, you can eat without having to worry about anything.

  1. Power Transmission Lines

In addition to the above, the power transmission lines that you might have across while driving down the highway or walking near a power production plant are made of aluminum. There are plenty of power cables that use aluminum. The reason why aluminum is used for power transmission lines is because it does an incredible job when it comes to sending electricity. It is also a great conductor.

  1. Airplanes and Helicopters

Another use of aluminum is for creating airplanes and helicopters. As aluminum tends to be lightweight, it is the perfect material for making aircrafts. When aluminum is mixed with other metals, its strength and capability is enhanced.



Once you have finished reading the post, you will have general information about aluminum. It is a metal that does a terrific job.