Fireworks Depot is a family owned business that is serving in Greater Toronto areas Barrie, Some major cities are being served like Bradford and Newmarket. It has been in the market since 2003. It provides its customers with premium quality products that they can use in various celebrations with their friends and family. The Fireworks Depot is a customer friendly organization that will help the customers in deciding the assortment of fireworks that they should select if they are confused about it. You can put up a complete show with the  fireworks. On special occasions like Victoria Day, many towns around the city are decorated with shows of Victoria day fireworks that people love watching.

Fireworks Depot offers you a great collection of fireworks at reasonable prices for you to be able to light up your house and your neighborhood for events like Victoria Day. A celebration is incomplete without adding some light to it with our colorful collection of fireworks. A lot of people out there know what they want to buy, but even if you don’t, our staff will be happy to help you with the decision process and will give proper guidance as to what you should buy from the wide variety being offered. They will help you build a customized order in accordance with your preferences, your pocket, and the noise level that you want. Let’s list some of the bestsellers to make the buying process easier for you when you decide to buy the fireworks for Victoria Day celebrations:

  1. Magnum Bombard Candle:

It is a small and light weighted stick sort of thing that lights up when fired and it gives out multicolored flowers. They are safe to use even for children as the fire emission is not a lot and will die out after some time.

  1. Glittering Brocade:

This is a package that contains 30 shots that will shoot up to 30 m high and will add colors to your celebration. It is like a gold mine that will burst with sharp golden colored crowns. It is a bit expensive as compare to other products, but we promise it will be worth it in the end!

  1. Piranha:

This is one of the best sellers of Fireworks Depot as it is very popular among the kids. The package shoots up to 25 m with starts and crackling that is of red and blue colors. Along with this, flying fish come bursting out of the package, due to which it is loved by the kids!

  1. Burning Schoolhouse:

An interesting name, isn’t it? It is a structure that looks like a school building, but it really is a fountain that has multicolored sparkling fountains that will light up your celebration on Victoria Day.

The products listed above are only some of the many products being sold by Fireworks Depot. Their products are promised to be of a high quality and are definitely worth the price that you are paying for them. Light up your celebrations with Fireworks Depot’s products!