Finding child-friendly real estate can be difficult. Because child-friendly living does not just mean that you need space. Limehouse Management Company says the right property is actually easy to find, if you know what you are looking for.


City, country or suburbs ?

How to find a child-friendly property

While you like to go out as a couple, even think impractical and places little value on near-residential daycare, you need with children no bars and nightclubs in the vicinity, but children’s playgrounds, parks and low- traffic areas. Anyone who is aware of this when looking for a flat cannot really go wrong. In general, children do not care if they grow up in the city, in the countryside, in a modern suburb or in the transition of city and rural areas. They need space for exercise, and that includes the immediate environment of the home. For parents, it is convenient when daycare, pediatrician, later the school and also a playground or a park within walking distance. This makes the organization of everyday life much easier and saves travel times. For at least from the kindergarten age, the junior needs a taxi service for the sports club, the music school, friendships and more. The right location is important.

At least three rooms with kitchen and bathroom

Anyone who has had his own study before will not want to give it up even with a child. A living room, a master bedroom and a nursery are the minimum in terms of living space. Because children need retreat , just as adults do. A child-friendly apartment should therefore be large enough in any case, in case of doubt, to be able to avoid even once.


The housing layout is important!

An apartment without a corridor, only with connecting rooms , is with children conceivable impractical. Stairs can be dangerous especially for small children, so a modern two-storey apartment is not necessarily ideal. But that comes in an individual case just on the  apartment layout, the room layout and construction  . A two-storey apartment, which has only one parental bedroom upstairs   and all other rooms in the basement.


The search for accommodation: on site, in the net or by advertisement

Of course, if you are looking for a new accommodation near your home, you can inquire with friends and acquaintances, look after posting in the supermarket, at the university or in the local newspaper. But that is often not enough, because many apartments are advertised only through brokers and / or on the Internet and do not necessarily get into the print media. Portals like Bliss Imobiliare provide detailed descriptions of properties for sale and a very large selection, they are not limited to one place. As a result, alternatives can be found, direct comparisons between apartments and houses are possible with a few clicks, and a first impression of the property can often be obtained thanks to photos.


With a child to the home

In general, starting a family is a good time to move out of the tenancy into a condominium or your own home. If you do not want to build your own, you will find many offers for a wide range of properties for sale on the Bliss Imobiliare. The comparison is worth it – the prices are as diverse as the equipment, location and size of apartments. Rental rates, area maps and a precise idea of what is actually being sought help in the decision.