Kitchen is one of the most important places in a house, and people love to spend money on the design of a kitchen. They want their kitchen to be spacious, trendy-looking, elegant, and many other things. Everyone wants their kitchen to stand out now, right? Well, you are at the exactly right place; Bentons Kitchens! It is a company that specializes in kitchen designs, and will help you structure the kitchen of your dreams with high quality equipment and prime quality products being used in the designing. Bentons Kitchens will provide its customers with the best designs in town for their kitchens, and among them freestanding kitchen islands.


More about Bentons Kitchens

Bentons Kitchens was a subsidiary of Stellison Company, which was originally started in 1942. Bentons is a specialized subsidiary of the company that has an expertise in kitchen designs. Stellison originally dealed in electrical appliances, but it later started this SBU, Bentons Kitchens, which specialized in kitchen designs. Bentons Kitchens is named so because the company was started in Benfleet, and this was done to honor the past. The company is dedicated to provide its customers with the highest quality designs, and it aims to achieve customer satisfaction as its top most priority.

Bentons Kitchens has its showrooms in all Stellison’s stores, like in Ipswich, Chelmsford, and Benfleet & Canterbury. The company will work with you and build you the kitchen that have dreamt of. The team at Bentons is fully dedicated to provide its customers with the best products, and to advise them until they are fully satisfied with their selection. They will even help you reach a decision, and help you choose items. No matter how many appointments you might make, our team wants you to be sure of your choices. Bentons Kitchens’s team consists of experienced kitchen designers that will cooperate with you to bring the dream to a reality. The best way to go about it is that you tell us whatever you desire to have in the kitchen, and we will do the rest for you! Once you have put on the table your ideas, our experts will analyze the space that will available, and make sure that the best possible design is created taking into consideration all factors that may be important.  The experts know of the on-going trends and will inform you of the updated fashion that is in the market as well. The kitchen that they will design for you will not only reflect your wishes, but will also be an upgraded one that will look trendy to whoever sees it.

The best part about working with Bentons Kitchens is that the designs are flexible and can be changed around the way you like. The team of Bentons is creative, and will allow you to add your own innovation to the design as well. Together you can make your dream come true. If you bored of seeing the same styled kitchen everywhere, partner with Bentons Kitchens and change the old-fashioned way!


Contemporary Kitchens

The variety that Bentons Kitchens offers under their contemporary quality is vast, and there is for something for everyone out there. Free standing kitchen island deigns are one of the best ones. The options that the company offers will meet the needs and requirements of most people who are looking out for trendy and elegant kitchen deigns. The craftsmanship and the customer service that Bentons offers is unmatched. The team will cooperate with you and work with you to create the kitchen that you desire. The largest collection is available under the contemporary kitchens series. Let’s list a few designs under the contemporary kitchens series:

  1. Alea: This design is available in light and elegant colors like grey and white.
  2. Rocca: If you are a fan of wooden floors and doors, then this is your thing.


Traditional Kitchens

These traditional designs started way back in time when people mostly valued quality and the class of products over everything else. Kitchens were made by craftsmen who worked hard to bring out the designs they worked on, and everyone took pride in it. Bentons Kitchens brings those traditions back from the grave, and its craftsmen still work with the same hard work and take pride in doing that. The traditional kitchen designs that the company makes are manufactured with love and dedication, due to which we produce the highest quality designs, and never disappoint out customers. There are broadly five designs under this category, but let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Country: This one has a traditional wooden look to it that will make your kitchen look trendy as well.
  2. Riva: Go for this one if you are a fan of pastels, as it offers a variety of light colors like grey and white. You will fall in love with the elegance this design will bring to the kitchen!


Shaker Kitchens

These are the designs available at Bentons Kitchens as they have a history attached to them. They have a heritage and background that make them very important. The name “shaker” comes from a religious group that used to live in Manchester, and it was used to describe one of the categories because those people were known for their cabinetry skills. Bentons Kitchens is also known for its specialization in kitchen designs and delivers to its customers the best possible designs that can be made. In this category also, there are five deigns available. Let’s get you introduced to some of them:

  1. Finca: You can opt for this design if you want to give your kitchen a glossy look, this can be done through various colors of your choice.
  2. Nice: This is a design that is exclusive and comes with a black and white look, that will make your kitchen look unique.

Bentons Kitchen offers its customers with a wide variety of designs for its customers that can be mainly categorized into contemporary, traditional, and shaker. The designs are elegant and unique. Bentons Kitchens has the best customer service. You should try it for yourself!