A star map according to science and tradition is basically a map of the night sky at a particular place. Astronomers use this map to identify different positions of stars, note down the positions and identify specific movements. The map is divided into grids in order to understand it more clearly and easily. Also, these maps can be beneficial for observing stars, constellations and galaxies. In recent times, a star chart and star map has become a collectable work of art, especially when you want to remember different occasions and incidents of someone else’s life. It can act as a great gift if you want to give it to someone. Not just that, but these star charts and maps are printed on outclass canvases and framed with quality material, making it a perfect gift for someone!

The printing done in star maps is done with a strong, durable and an outclass fabric which is a combination of cotton and linen, hence, increasing the contrast of the picture and increasing the yellowish hue of the canvas, making it look even more beautiful. Printing on paper leaves does not look that much classy but if it is printed on canvas, it is guaranteed that it will give you an experience of a high definition and vibrant picture!

How can it be given as a gift?

As mentioned above, custom star map can be a great gift for someone. How? Let’s get you started. It’s your friend’s birthday and you want to gift him something new and unique. Why not give him something which reminds him of the day and date the first time you guys met? Yes, that’s right! You can easily create a customized star map of the date, place and day you guys met for the first time. Hence, by combining all the star maps, your customized star map will be made and it will be delivered to your door steps!

Sometimes, we all get bored of the wall hanging we have on our walls because they are not that meaningful. Why not hang something inside your room which is meaningful such as a star map? I the modern times, we do not have the experience of sleeping under the stars. With star maps, we can. Not just that, seeing some stars before going to bed will make you feel good, happy and will help you in reminding some good old days!

After reading this, you might have some few questions regarding star maps, then let’s satisfy your queries!

How will my custom star chart be calculated?

Each star map is made by a specialized computer program which is able to access and swift through celestial data. That data is basically galactic coordinates. This means that the computer program fetches all the data of the stars visible on that day at the given point. The position of each star is never the same it is always changing since the earth is not static itself but it revolves around the sun constantly. The computer program establishes the coordinates of a star at the exact date, time and day you choose. You can choose any time, day or date for your map. It can be a date from the past or it can be a date from your future.

Raw data: where does it come from?

The computer program uses celestial data and cross references it with a range of source to ensure the accuracy.  One of those sources is the Hipparcos Catalogue. It is a source which is able to gather information by the scientific satellite of the same day. This project caused new findings in precision astronomy a yielded a bounty of rich data as to the position, motion and data of the celestial objects. This high precision catalogue has approximately more than one hundred thousand stars.

The names do not end here. Several other sources that the computer uses shares the same origin, which is NASA.

Is this legit?

If you think that this is a scam, then I will help you by telling you a simple technique which will tell you whether it’s fake or not. You can simply correlate the results with the independent results. Enter the date, day, current time and location on the night sky itself and go outside and head up and look. You can simply correlate the results with your eyes!

What if it’s cloudy?

Yes there is a chance that it might be cloudy but there are other ways to overcome this. There are several other platforms where you enter your results and it tells you whether the result is legit or not. You will see that the results they will give will be hundred percent accurate. You can also use open source astronomy software if you want to study the galaxy and the anatomy of stars at a deeper level.

How can I use the star map?

You can either use it as a wall hanging or give it as a gift to someone to remember a day.

Where can you try it out?

There are several websites which can help you in making your personalized star map. All you need to do is fill in information such as date, time, day and location and they will make your customized star map. Not just that, you can add other things as well such as it is available in nine different colors. Choose whatever color you like. A hanger set is also available and that too at a very small extra cost. The star map will be of exceptional design and the quality will be out class. Alongside, there will be optional constellation chart and grid system. Make sure to match the results first on various websites.

What are you waiting for? Get your personalized star map now with amazing designs and out class fabric or order it for someone special to keep on reminding of a special day you guys spent together!