Nuts, bolts and screws and other similar tools are important in our daily lives. Whether it is about fixing your bedroom door lock or changing an entire shelf, these little tools must be kept at every household or even construction facilities.

However, it should be seen that the materials are not only present but quality materials should be your topmost priority.

Are you confused where to buy durable nuts and bolts? Worry not, we bring you a review of one of the most reputable Fasteners companies in China known as Ding Fasteners.  Nut and bolt supply from this company can be delivered to anywhere in the world with guaranteed quality and great performance. They also offer customized fasteners to their customers. They have a wide variety of nuts and bolts including threaded, crimp and cut-to-the-board and other fasteners with various sizes. Their excellent customer service not only provides nut and screw fitting but efficient fasteners set up as well.


Bolts and Nuts Supply

Ding Fasteners have steel bolts, special high tensile bolts ranging from m10 bolts, m12 bolts stock ready for shipment. Ding Fasteners have almost all steel bolts metric hexagonal head bolts.

Let’s look into some of the varieties of bolts Ding Fasteners have to offer.


●     DIN 912

This category of bolts is also called cup-head hexagon socket bolts. The groove is a hexagonal socket bolt while the shape is a cylindrical head. Since hexagon socket head bolts are easy to fasten and disassemble, they are majorly used in mechanical installation. They also have a protective grip over the surface. Their material is carbon steel and thread size is M3-M48. The surface finish is plain, black, yellow plated, H.D.G, self colour and zinc plated.

It is always advisable to install DIN 912 hexagon socket  head bolts with a hexagonal wrench. Hexagonal wrench is a tool with a 90 degree bending. It consists of two sides, short and long. When the short side is used to install the screw, the longer side is used to keep the short side in place. This whole process results in tightening the screw.

Thread diameter is usually M1.4-M64 grade A metric product. The materials in market demand are generally carbon steel CL8.8/10.9/12.9 grade while the thread tolerance is mostly 6g, 12.9 grade is 5g6g.


●     DIN 931

This variety of hexagonal head bolts with shank is also called semi threaded hexagonal bolts or half threaded hexagonal bolts varying according to the thread length. These types of bolts are usually used in conjunction with hex nuts. The tow parts are linked to a whole by threaded connection which is also a detachable connection. There’s another factor which makes DIN 931 unique which is self locking performance of the fine thread. It is used to separate subjects to boost impact, vibration or alternating loads which makes it better for mechanical adjustments.

The material consists of carbon steel and the thread size varies from M6-M56. Next comes the surface finish which comes in plain, zinc plated, black, yellow plated and H.D.G. The class for these types of bolts is and 12.9.

According to Ding Fasteners, different products have different values for correlation opposite sides, thickness, diagonals and length tolerance.

With Ding Fasteners, thread diameter specification is usually around M6-M56 and the carbon steel performance grade is 8.8 and 10.9.

DIN 931 bolts have enhanced coating as compared to other fasteners.


●     DIN 933

DIN 933 hexagonal bolts have full threaded hexagonal bolts. They are generally used in conjunction with hexagonal nuts. Just like DIN 931 bolts, the tow parts are connected to a thread connection which can also be detached when needed. It has similar functions as 931 bolts for example, self locking performance, greater impact, alternating loads or vibration. The material is carbon steel and the type can be classified as hexagonal head and full thread. The thread size is the same as M6-M56 and the class can be listed as 4.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. For surface finish they have zinc plated, black, plain, H.D.G and yellow plated coating.

For Ding Fasteners, nuts is one of their strong and main products. They take pride in delivering premium quality screw nuts for all types of dimensions and grades. Hexagonal steel nuts can be used for industrial, heavy-duty, lightweight and automotive industrial projects.

Some of these varieties are;


●     Weld nut DIN 928

These types of nuts are suitable for welding procedures. They are generally made out of weldable materials which are thick and deliver satisfactory performance.

The material is made out of carbon steel. The type can be classified as a weld nut. Thread size is M3-M64. Surface finish is provided in black, plain, zinc plated and yellow plated as well as H.D.G.

This category of fasteners is welded by heating or pressurizing or sometimes both.

Another type of fasteners is a union nut having internal threads and can be used with bolts.


●     DIN 934

Also known as hexagonal nuts has a mixture of metric coarse net and fine threads. The product garde is A and B, both used for different purposes. Grade A product is mainly used for specification less than or equal to M16 while grade B is used for specification larger than M16. The material for this one is also carbon steel and thread size ranges from M3-M52. Class variety has 4,6,8,10 and 12 while surface finishing comes in zinc, yellow plated, plain, black and H.D.G.

That being said, we hope you have found your favourite fasteners company. Their standard delivery time is 10 days for normal size. The delivery time relies on your type of order.

If you have any further queries, you can head to their website and directly contact them either through email or their phone number. You definitely would not be disappointed.