Every year, owners get to enjoy their boats out on the water for a few months of the year. When the summer season starts to sneak away, the last thing a boat owner wants to worry about is putting his boat away for the winter and making sure it’s safe.

So if you purchased a boat for sale uk, you should know that winterizing your boat is the single most important maintenance duty that you will have to perform. If it is done correctly, very little work will be required to get the boat ready for the water in the spring.

Even though no one wants to winterize their boat, it is a must do. Getting your boat ready for winter helps you get back on the water quicker when summer rolls around the next year and it greatly extends the life of the boat and its engine by protecting its components from freezing, corrosion and lying idle for long periods. Make sure your boat is ready with this winterization checklist:


Check the hull

Walk around the boat and check the hull for stress cracks and other mishaps. Boats with stress cracks may have structural damage and will need to be taken into a repair shop. The HDPE marine board can resist properly to extreme conditions.


Check the bottom

Check for mildew, seaweed, barnacles and other sea creatures hanging out at the bottom of the boat. Before covering the boat for the winter, make sure all of the sea leftovers have been removed from it. The best way to do this is to scrape them off, and the area down and then pressure wash.


Clean and protect

Thе іnѕіdе іѕ juѕt аѕ іmроrtаnt аѕ thе оutѕіdе. While a boat cover will keep it safe from winter damage, there are a few things that need to be taken care of first. Sealing boat windows. Prevent the vinyl from cracking due to the winter air (whether it be dry or humid) with a cleaner and protectant. Keeping the inside dry will decrease the chance of mold growing. A vent in the boat cover will also prevent mold from growing because it creates airflow.


Remove electronics

Boat covers are meant to protect the internal structure of a boat, not necessarily the extras found on many boats. Take out all removable electronics and keep them inside during the winter.


Clean the engine

The worst winter damage can be done to the engine, which a boat cover can’t exactly prevent. Freezing pipes and fuel degradation are all too common signs that a boat has not been properly winterized. Check the condition of the engine before storing. If it looks good, then empty out the fuel, flush it with water and dry it out.


Choose a boat cover

Pick a boat cover that will hug the frame. Make sure this boat cover is water repellent even if the boat won’t be stored in water. Remember to keep a vent in the cover so moisture doesn’t get caught inside.