Boating for you could be about fishing, having a relaxing vacation or exploring new waters. Whatever your purpose is, you’ll certainly enjoy it more staying warm. Add in hot food and cool drinks and you’re all set for an extended season on the water. But most of these appliances cannot function without power and when it comes to water Diesel has proven to be the most reliable and thus preferred source of power.

The use of Diesel as fuel for generating power on board opens up the possibility of enjoying all the comforts of home – freezers, cookers, kettles, microwave ovens, washing machines, water heaters and television. Some of these can be enjoyed by using low volt systems for example refrigerators, television and microwave ovens you name it.

However, the type of Diesel fuel used to power these appliances is usually Red Diesel.


What is Red Diesel one might ask?

In short, it is the regular Diesel that has been dyed red to differentiate it. Most people are aware that red diesel prices are considerably lower than regular automotive diesel prices, and this is due to the reduced tax levy that applies to it. It is targeted specifically towards those who in some way or another require the use of fuel regularly, as a means of conducting business. The most common, include farmers operating agricultural equipment machines and vehicles. The price of red diesel fluctuates regularly, but more recently has reduced slightly to what people have been accustomed to as current prices are being pitched towards the lower end of that spectrum.

However, with US sanctions on Iran in the not so distant future prices of fuel are likely to increase but who knows things might take a U-turn abruptly.

That said there are many Seaworthy Diesel appliances available in the market today ranging from the traditional to ultramodern ones. These systems offer a great deal of comfort to the end user. Some amenities enjoyed include air conditioning and water heaters. Some boat owners have a taste for the classics and will prefer traditional diesel appliances systems that are designed using modern techniques and materials. So despite their traditional look, these appliances are strong enough to withstand the challenging conditions of the sea. Some of these marine diesel appliance systems can even be controlled by a smartphone app linked to a wall-mounted thermostat.