For some people, getting over a break up is easy and for some, it is the most difficult thing to do in the world. However, what everyone is sure of is that time heals all wounds and there is a truth to this saying. A break up literally changes you as a person and has a great negative impact on you at first. However, that negative impact can be channeled into positivity if only you look at it that way.

Here are a few ways on how to get over a break up which applies to both men and women.

  • Delete and block your ex from all social media platforms. This eliminates some of the temptation to stalk your ex. If your ex is still added to your social media platforms, it will only hurt you more to see your ex moving on with their life. Half of your time is wasted in stalking your ex and wanting to know their whereabouts and looking at their pictures. Keeping a tab on their social media profiles will not do you any good and you will be the one who will be negatively affected by all of it, not your ex. Your ex wont even know about what is up with you and would never really want to find out.
  • Give away all the stuff you got from your ex back to your ex or donate them. You can donate away things like T-shorts, clothes, shoes, books. However the question that arises is, what about all the expensive gifts which they give? Should you throw them away or keep them? Throwing them away will be a waste of money and keeping them will only remind you of your ex. Moreover, what about the pictures of you and your ex? It is highly likely that you went to a place with your ex where you have never went before. You made memories with that person at a place you went for the first time and you probably loved it. The answer for this is that you don’t need to throw away the expensive gifts or burn your pictures. Instead, make a memories box. Even if it currently hurts you to your core to look at all those pictures and gifts, there is a very high chance that you may want to revisit these memories in the future.
  • If your ex suggests to immediately just be friends, do not deny his offer but do not accept it either. Instead, think about it for quite some time. Being friends with the person you are still in love with will be extremely difficult for you.
  • Stop bringing your ex in every conversation. Don’t talk about them, even if you’re bashing and just want some sympathy and support, avoid it. This is due to the fact that your happiness and comfort will automatically start depending on trying to bring someone down.

Breakups are unavoidable but the least you can do is accept it and move on with time.