Anyone who claims that a cruise is boring is making a huge mistake. Because quite the opposite is the case. A cruise connects everything that belongs to a successful holiday. Contrary to a beach holiday, the holidaymaker does not lie in the sand in the sun all day long. The cruise also offers sunbathing on deck, but here, in addition to the ship’s days, there are also the landing days. In this way it goes through several cities or countries including the shore excursions. Over and over again, the holidaymaker experiences new highlights in this way.

On board a palace

A cruise ship can also be compared to a city on the sea. The size of the ships is overwhelming. There are restaurants, theatres, shops, bars, SPA areas and much more. Thus, no day is the same.

The view alone is worth a trip. In the morning after getting up there is the view of the wide sea, sun and possibly distant cities. Only a cruise offers such a view. Also, the journey with the train is in no way comparable to it, as only a small cabin can be used to get to the desired place. Once the suitcase is unpacked on the cruise ship, it can remain so until the end of the journey.

On most cruises, holidaymakers can expect to spend days at sea between individual stops in the harbours. These are very much appreciated by the holidaymakers, because after a night of celebration in the on-board disco, the beautiful cabins are perfect for a good night’s sleep. Afterwards, a feel-good programme could follow, with a visit to the wellness area, sport in the fitness studio or shopping in the on-board shops. For those who find this too exhausting after a turbulent night, the peace and quiet on deck with a view of the open sea may be sufficient. But even when going ashore, every traveller can be sure that there are the best excursion ideas this trip has to offer.

More affordable than ever before

Not unlike other cruises, the organisers often offer convincing bargains in the cruise sector as well. This also applies to the big cruisers such as AIDA, MS Europa or MS Europa 2. With a convincing offer, the cruise is of course twice as worthwhile.

Cruises are often controversially discussed. The common opinion that they are too expensive, totally boring and only for older people then meets the experience of people who have actually experienced cruises. They often have a completely different, positive opinion on the subject. What are the arguments in favour of a cruise?

Neither expensive nor boring

Unfortunately, money often determines the quality of a holiday. Many people therefore shy away from cruises because they have heard that they are expensive. But if you compare them with other types of holidays, you quickly come to the conclusion that this is not the truth at all. Cruises usually do not cost more or less than stationary holidays of the same quality level.

A cruise is certainly not boring for most people. There is something new to see every day. During rest days, without going ashore, you can discover a lot on the ship. Whether theatre, cinema, the construction of the ship, there is a lot to see. If you don’t want to discover, you can simply indulge in the many recreational possibilities that are available on large ships such as the Aida, the MSC Sinfonia or the MS Europa 2. Spa areas and swimming pools are now standard, as are entertainment programs and fitness rooms.

When the ship approaches the nearest port, there is enough time to explore the surrounding city or area. The locations are of course chosen so that there is actually something to see. Cruises also offer the opportunity to visit a variety of attractions without having to worry about luggage and accommodation.

Culinary delights are provided for travellers around the clock. The employees provide a varied menu, which is available via the daily buffet or various Á-La-Carte restaurants. A cruise ship is often equipped with numerous restaurants representing different regions or nationalities.

Make up your own mind

Word of mouth is one of those things. It is rarely objective. Therefore, you should rather make up your own mind. Cruises offer recreation, entertainment, sightseeing and culinary trips. This is pretty much what most people want for their holidays.