How to get more followers on Instagram in 2019: proven tips and tricks

Here are some more tips to help you get more followers from your Instagram. Implement them step by step and you will succeed quickly!

2. Generating free traffic on Instagram


Link-and-transfer traffic to Instagram

To encourage people to visit your profile, place links to your account and specific posts wherever you can – for example in your Skype description 🙂 Make sure no hard-working post is without an echo – add a link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, encourage people to visit your profile during conversations and from your website.

Tag places, products, people

Use the tagging option to attract interest from other profiles and new visitors. Of course, it is not advisable to tag people who are not connected with them in the photos, but if you use a product, you have a question to someone, share a quote, visit a specific place – let them know. In this way your photos will go to other galleries (the marked one will find them in the section called “places where you are”). If you manage to establish contact with a recognizable person, it is necessary to inform and mark this person in the photo (not only by the tag @ in the comment – you can also mark them by clicking on the icon of three dots and then pressing the button “Mark persons”). If the owner of a given profile interacts with you or likes your post, it will be displayed in the news observing him – as you can see, the range will increase by itself.

Encourage you to label your profile

This rule works both ways, so encouraging followers to label your profile also has many benefits. First of all, it is a free promotion of your profile and your product or service. It is worth rewarding such activities and, for example, share such photos on your profile (of course, marking the author). If you take care of your audience, people will be happy to add photos with your products – especially if you promise them that for example, every week you will highlight the best 3 posts on your profile. This is where the unique hashtag will be perfect – users will be able to easily find all the content marked with a #.

Use popular hashtags

As I mentioned before, hashtags are the driving force behind Instagram. They allow users to search for content and navigate the huge amount of content that Instagram floods every day. The tags were created in order to briefly and accurately assign a specific content to a given password. They are perfect for real-time marketing. Use hashtag monitoring applications such as TagsForLikes to catch the most clickable tags. The biggest stars of Instagram have long since discovered their effectiveness. The application contains several categories, divided into subcategories, from which you can easily copy the best #. Unfortunately, not every area has its own category, but it’s a great source of inspiration – with the right tags you can attract a lot of new viewers. Remember that one post can contain up to 30 #, and the order in which they are displayed in the “newest” section is chronological.

Cooperate through ” shoutout “

You can collaborate with other profiles to share your profiles on Instagram. This is known as “shoutout”. Shoutouts you can do in two ways. You can either buy it – just like Instagram followers or do it yourself. If you choose first option – you should look for websites where Instagram users are offering such shout outs – you can choose your niche, localization and language. If you do it yourself, you should prepare a template message that you will send to some Instagramers. You should focus on users that has similar audience and similar number of followers. Why? Because there are high chances that they will need this kind of cooperation. Influencers  do not used to compete, they rather support each other’s so such shoutouts can be only beneficial for both sides. I would not recommend to reach out to influencers with many followers as they probably get hudert of such messages every day and they are not really interested in such cooperation – the reason is simple – they can help you to get new followers but you won´t be a big help for them.  Add graphics and content to your profile to encourage them to visit your profile. If you’re targeting brand profiles that you’re working with, or that benefit from your sharing, they’ll certainly pay you back. You can plan these actions in advance by first agreeing with the other party on the details.

2. Additional activities on Instagram – worth it?


L4L, F4F

For years, there have been reciprocity rules on Instagram that users who use #l4l and #f4f tags have been committed to. In short they mean “liking for liking” and “observing for observing”. If you declare a desire to “like for like”, you should return the favor for every liking of your post – the same applies to “follow for follow”. However, this solution is not often used by company profiles, because then the section of people who observe would receive profiles that are not subject to selection – and the quality of the people who observe in this way is very low. They are not interested in your content, but only in whether you will return the favor. Moreover, they leave quickly – as soon as they receive the promised like or follow. To sum up, it is not worth it. It is more profitable to “selfless” activity – liking and observing – in this way you let other profiles know about your existence and encourage them to visit you.

Advertisements on Instagram

Answering the question above, it is worth it if it is an addition to other advertising activities. It all depends on whether the profile of your business allows you to show it in such a way that users accustomed to aesthetics, lightness and sophisticated solutions Instagram users will want to click on the post, which is marked as “sponsored”. However, our tests have shown that Instagram advertising can be more likely to be clicked on, and CPCs can be lower than in the case of Facebook-sponsored posts, so much depends on the content. You can add Instagram-sponsored posts at the same time as your Facebook posts – remember to check your advertising in both media before posting to Facebook. With Instagram, you’ll achieve goals such as raising brand awareness and attracting traffic.

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