Let’s Google all the way!

This new era has surely brought many technological changes in the world as we know it, however, it has also made life blurry fast. It has become extremely hard to keep up whether it’s academic life or business life. To make the day-to-day business more manageable, some experts developed software to schedule business posts and named it ‘Google My Business’. Whether it’s a small business or a huge organization, this software helps the business persons and managers to effectively manage daily activities and keep a track of the tasks in the pipeline for smooth running of the business.

What Is Google My Business ?

Google My Business helps you develop a customized business profile which the potential customers can access while searching for your business or business like yours. It presents your business in an appealing and informative way so that it attracts the people towards your business and makes it stand out among the rest of the market. Websites can be created in a snap of a finger with colorful templates and customized themes, creating a certain trademark for your business. The website will auto-generate the general information from your Business Profile making the tool easy and fast at the same time. Make your Business Profile worth for the customers when they look you up on maps. Add unique and captivating pictures to lighten-up the profile thus, turning snapshots into sales.

Along with this, provide essential information like opening and closing timings, special holidays to keep your customers updated with the latest happenings of your business. Keep people’s interest on a high level by introducing different incentives to drop by.

Coming up with exciting offers and sharing them online can result in higher levels of sales. Customize your posts according to the latest trends to give off a trendy vibe and get insights about your said posts from the Google My Business dashboard. After floating essential information out there and communicating your side of the story to your customers, it comes to taking in their review about your business. Building a strong relationship with your customers is one of the most important part of a successful business because they’re the people who matter the most.

Strike a conversation with your customers by interacting with them through this platform and answer their messages and reviews right away. Constant availability is the key factor here so that the customers are not kept waiting and their quarries are being properly answered and they’re being given appropriate solutions for their problems. Keep an eye out for how customers are interacting with you through your Business Profile. Monitor your customers’ views and actions on your services and then use this information effectively to set yourself apart from the rest of the market. Insights tool lets you review the amount of clicks, views and much more. Know your existing customers so that you could know where they’re coming from thus, helping you to target new customers. Look out for the posts that have a larger reach than the others so that you could analyze what kind of content gets the attention of the people.


Introducing Google My Business Post Scheduler

As explained above, Google My Business brings a lot of useful features with itself which could be used in making a business more manageable. However, despite possessing such great traits, there’s one thing missing in GMB, and that is a Google my business post scheduler. A post scheduler is a tool which allows you to schedule your posts before time and provides consistency in your marketing.

Google My Business Scheduler offers everything that you need to market your business effectively through Google My Business right at your fingertips. Its easy and simple design makes it a piece of cake to operate. The dashboard helps you monitor the past-post performance, growth in business and schedule future posts. It saves your time by allowing to uploading your posts in bulk through GMB post scheduler’s ‘import’ tool.

Managing multiple properties in a single dashboard has made social media management quick and easy. It lets you send messages from your website to Google My Business directly and share your GMB posts and content on the day and time of your choice. Logging into your GMB account daily can be hectic but with the help of GMB post scheduler a month worth of posts could be scheduled beforehand to save time and valuable resources. Along with all of this the advanced part of GMB Post Scheduler helps you analyze and evaluate your best and least performing posts so that you could get to the root cause of the problem and fix it while focusing more on the kinds of posts and content that are being appreciated by your customers. This will increase customer loyalty among the market and the reviews will definitely improve.

GMB Post Scheduler also lets you connect with your followers and help you build a stronger and a trustworthy relationship with them. Team work can lead to better connectivity among the staff and unity in the organization, GMB Post Scheduler allows multiple members of your staff to work alongside each other on your social media programs. This helps conveying a uniform message to the customers, eliminating the factor of contradictory statements floating outside through the reference of the organization thus, not making the business face look bad in the market. GMB post Schedulers keeps privacy among their top priorities. Your messages are always safe from unwanted advertisements and any third party information. Any third party won’t be able to publish any kind of content without our authorization.

According to the feedback, by using GMB post scheduler there has been a decrease in time spent on marketing and increase in revenue right from the very start. Hundreds of happy marketers use GMB Post Scheduler to schedule their posts, sales, events and company profiles to engage with their current and potential customers. In today’s business world, it is impossible for an organization to survive without marketing. A successful and efficient marketing campaign is the answer to reaching new heights.

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