Since our childhood, every single one of us has had the privilege of being invited either at a large family meet, party or a wedding ceremony, where we enjoyed meeting with many people, enjoyed the ambiance and be taken by the delicious food. Through the course of time, the tradition of hosting and serving guests has grown from a cultural practice to a never ending catering business where you being the host can relax and watch how the guests get to be catered courteously and warmly.

The best catering companies not only consider it a task but an obligation to serve your guests making sure that they are fully satisfied. You may already be aware that a host is always judged by the service he/she provides to its guests so you would always want to provide your guests with the best service making you the star of the function and always be remembered as the best host. Whether it’s a small/large office party, a wedding or funeral reception or a VIP event, my Gourmet Catering Services are always there to make it happen.


You’re the Boss

Being one of the best catering company, it is our aim to fully understand your needs, requirements and do whatever is necessary to make that happen for your guests as well as yourself. At your order, we are here to serve your guests with a tempting variety of salads, soups, entrée, delights, main-courses, side dishes, desserts etc. for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests. Simply give us the order and we will make it happen for you.

Not just limiting to these, we can also serve your guests with refreshments, non-alcoholic beverages, mock-tails and cocktails and the choice is also yours to make.

When it comes to choosing, we offer you the best prices for weddings, funerals, parties or VIP gatherings.


From Cooking to Catering

Being an expert chef, the founder of the Gourmet Catering Services (Ido Fishman) was always on the lookout for new and exotic dishes with incredible taste and presentation. It was this motivation that kept him going, journeying across the world learning new and innovative ways of cooking and presenting to the guests. For him, what mattered the most was the satisfaction, feel and food taste for the guests. This is what became the inspiration for Ido to take his cooking expertise to a higher level from aiming to serve an entire hall instead of a few guests. After travelling the entire world and meeting with people from different cultures and traditions, Ido has been able to start a catering system which fulfills the need and requirement of every client. Ido mainly founded this company to provide the best catering services to their customers whether it’s unique food, ambiance, glassware, silverware and even disposables if they fit the party requirement. Gourmet Catering Services are mainly known to organize majority of BBQ events so we have worked really hard to come up with new techniques in order to make BBQ(s) less messy and cost effective.

There are so many people out there from whom money is not a big a problem, yet they have a hard time looking for catering services that are reliable and up to their standards. This is where Gourmet Catering Services can fit in and provide them the services that they are looking for and exceed their limits in any way possible to ensure that these people become our permanent clients for future even caterings.

Furthermore, the Gourmet Catering Services also recognize the customers who at times want to use our services but can’t afford to bring us on board due to monetary deficits. Again, Gourmet Catering Services has already kept this in mind and has prepared catering service packages for customers ranging from low budget to highest and also offer payment plans if needed.

Our Motto “Courtesy, Punctuality & Quality”

It would not be a surprise to many of us that how most of the catering companies leave much to be desired for the hosts as well as the guests when it comes to providing them class, chivalrous service, good quality food and most of all, making it in time to get the ball rolling.

Although many catering companies find it to be a challenge to get to the host’s desired place in time and set up the entire venue elegantly and exquisitely, only to let down the expectations of the guests and most of the all the person planning the function. Even in such cases, Gourmet Catering Services have adapted to always be at the place on time in order to set up everything without giving the host a single thing to worry about and take care of the demands and expectations the client and the guests have with us. In order to provide the best in-function service, we have well-trained as well as well-dressed our waiters to provide the best service to  the guests as well as the chefs to be extra vigilant and proactive in order to provide the best service possible.

In addition to the above, we are always prepared for last minute changes so you need not to worry if there’s a sudden change of plans with respect to food, cutlery type, decorations, event type or even the environment. Once you have chosen us then your problem is our problem and we are always ready to take any problem head-on and convert it into success without any mishaps or let downs.

For us, keeping the environment clean is the highest priority so we take it upon ourselves to keep the entire venue elegant, clean and presentable during the functions and even once the function is over, we make sure to take out the leftovers and dispose of the entire garbage, leaving no sign of uncleanliness behind.


Come and Sit with us

We know that you are still making up your mind so you can always get in touch with us and give us the opportunity to welcome you so we can share our entire catalogue from decoration to food. Let’s a lunch or dinner together to talk through the event requirements and let us take it from there till every guest leaves completely satisfied.

Call me now at (phone number) to book a meeting or discuss the options I have available to make your event a success.