The Egyptian Government always seeks to expand its construction projects especially those which related to ancient monuments for the sake of saving our glorious heritage of theft or loss. In this regard, it offers a great support to build the Grand Egyptian Museum to provide an additional choice for Egypt visitors to visit.

 The Grand Egyptian Museum is also known as Giza Museum. It is located between the Pyramids and Cairo, far from Giza Pyramids by two Kilometers. The Museum is regarded as the largest archeological museum in the world which is still under construction.

The foundation stone of the museum was laid in January 2002 and it’s supposed to be opened in December 2018 in a big international festival. The construction of the museum offers many great facilities for its visitors. There’s a long path between the museum and Giza Plateau that facilitates visiting the two sites. So during your trip to Egypt you must visit this amazing place. In Egypt You will also be able to dive in the blue waters and take diving classes if you are a beginner. German people will therefore look for Tauchkurs Hurghada on search engines to find the best diving lessons available.

In January 2018, the new museum witnessed moving the statue of Ramses III to the entrance of the museum. It will also display the full tomb collection of Tutankhamun and all his belongings and chariots. The collection comprises 5000 items that will be transmitted from the Egyptian Museum. The museum will also exhibit 50000 magical artifacts for the first time.

The Grand Egyptian Museum is planned to use the latest technology. It will be an international means of contacts and communications with other museums from all over the world. It will also be joined by the conference center, children’s museum, and workshops, training center identical to the pharaonic ones.

Egypt has a breathtaking landmarks to visit in additional to mythology stories, great civilization and other glories things, you can check Egypt tours and choose your dream vacation to discover Egypt “Cradle of Human Civilization”