There are few things we dread more than taking our car into the mechanic for repairs. When our car breaks down, we cross our fingers and hope that it’s nothing major. More often than not, though, it seems like we can’t take our car in to a repair shop without shelling out thousands of dollars. And while labor costs are obviously a significantly portion of the overall expense of having a vehicle repaired, the replacement parts themselves sometimes end up costing you an arm and a leg.

Of course, if you’ve got an old vehicle on your hands that’s bit the dust, there’s no reason to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix it up: you’re better off just selling your junk car for cash, getting some cash for it, and getting a new vehicle. But what about when you want to keep driving your vehicle? Do you have any alternative options, or do you have to just pay whatever your mechanic is quoting you?

In fact, there are alternatives out there. If you have a junkyard in your vicinity, you can sometimes find used auto parts for your vehicle rather than paying full price for brand new parts via your mechanic. Here at Rusty’s Auto Salvage, our focus is on paying you top dollar for your junk car and making the process as easy as possible. We’re not a parts dealer. But, some local junkyards do in fact offer parts for sale. Let’s take a look at how this works, and how you can get replacement parts for your vehicle if needed.

Finding a Junkyard that Sells Parts

First off, it’s important to remember that not all junkyards sell parts. Many junkyards simply crush vehicles and process them into scrap metal — they don’t remove all of their valuable parts and sell them individually, or make them available to you so that you can pick through them and remove the parts you want.

So, don’t just drive over to the nearest junkyard and assume that you’ll find the parts you need. You could end up disappointed and frustrated. Instead, be sure to call ahead and confirm that they sell parts.

Pick-and-Pull vs. Full Service

When you do find a junkyard that sells used auto parts, there’s one more important question to ask before you head there: are they a pick-and-pull style junkyard, or are they a full service establishment?

At a full service junkyard, you’ll go up to a counter or desk near the entrance and tell them what part or parts you need. They’ll look through their computerized inventory and see if they have it. If they do, they’ll hand over the part right then and there.

At a pick-and-pull style junkyard, it’s more of a “Wild West” sort of scenario. You bring a toolbox with you to the yard, head out into the sea of rusted out old vehicles, and search for the part or parts you need.

Pick-and-pull yards are generally cheaper than full service junk yards, but they’re also a lot more work. It’s up to you to determine which is the better fit for your situation.

Of course, if your vehicle is in need of expensive repairs, you can save yourself the trouble of trying to fix it up. Get cash for your junk car from an online junk car buyer.