Cats are the most adorable creatures. One can’t help but fall in love with them. They are the best companion for you. Taking care of your pet cat is not that hard once you have built a cat enclosure for them. Cats are the ones you can rely on if you are having a bad day.

It is important to build a cat enclosure for your feline friend. No matter how many cats you may have at home, building a cat enclosure helps provide a safe and stimulating environment for them. Another term that has recently become popular is Catio or a cat patio which provide a safe space for your cat and will ensure that your cat is happy and safe indoor or outdoor as the cat will be protected from any birds or animals.

Building a cat enclosure is rather easy if you are determined to provide your cat with a place to enjoy. Here are the tops tips to build the cat enclosure on your own:

When building a cat enclosure, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that the cat has an enclosure which is perfect for its needs.



The most important thing to bear in mind when building a cat enclosure is to ensure that the accessibility is perfect for the cat. Place the cat enclosure near the outside window to ensure that you can keep a vigil look on the cat and the cat can enjoy outside freedom on your watch.

You can get cat door which are found in different sizes. These can be placed near the door or even window. As long as the cat door is accessible for the cat, your feline friend will be happy.


The Size of the Cat Enclosure

Another important thing to keep in mind is the size of the cat enclosure and the space which is available to even create a cat enclosure on your own. As has been observed, your feline friends love a vertical enclosure as it takes maximum advantage of small spaces and adds more space through the placing of shelves. Another way to make the most of the limited space is to place a window box. This will help ensure that your cat has an area to sit and bond with you.

Nature is perfect for you and the cat. Think of ideas to make use of your garden or backyard. Your cat will be thankful for the consideration. Cat Enclosures Sydney is a great idea when building a DIY cat enclosure.


Sunlight and Shade Area

It is essential for your cat to get sunlight, which is why you need to choose an area or space which will provide both sunlight along with shade so that the cat can enjoy both whenever it wants. A great idea for shade is a shade fabric or even a small bench which can be placed inside the cat enclosure.

Cats need sunlight just as much as we do and creating a cat enclosure which provides them with an ample amount of sunlight will surely keep them happy.


Think Beautiful Views

You need to build the cat enclosure in an area which offers stimulating and beautiful views regularly. Cats love to look at places and can be found sitting near a window and looking outside almost as if thinking or planning their next adventure.

A cat enclosure which provides the view of your garden, the skyline, or even your kids playing would add enjoyment to their routine and they will enjoy the fresh air.


A Solid Foundation

When building the cat enclosure on your own, it is important to provide a solid foundation to the cat enclosure so as to ensure the cat can move easily in the cat enclosure without any worries.

A solid foundation ensures that your cat will have a great time moving about. Even though cats are considered to be lazy as compared to dogs, they like to move about in the area to feel more at ease.


Elements of the Cat Enclosure

Now that you have considered all the top tips for building a cat enclosure, the next thing you need to know about are the materials or elements which you shall be using when creating the cat enclosure. Here is a list of materials which you can use for the cat enclosure and your cat will love these materials in its home.


Cats do need their oxygen which is why placing plants in the cat enclosure will help ensure that the cats get sufficient oxygen. They also like to climb trees or scratch their paws to relax.

Plants will add beautiful scenery to the cat enclosure and your cat will enjoy the views. Small birds might even come into contact with the cat and sing it lullabies.


It is important to ensure that the cat is safe in its enclosure which is why playing wiring around the cat enclosure is a great idea. The wiring comes in different sizes which range from small to large. The wires come in beautiful colors to make the cat enclosure look attractive. The wiring will be enclosed with the frame of the cat enclosure to protect the cat.


Not something to forget is the roof of the cat enclosure which will ensure maximum protection. A recycled roof is the perfect fit for a cat enclosure as it will provide shade and protection to your cat.

A roof above the cat’s head will also ensure that the cat does not escape and venture into the unknown.

Build your Very own Cat Enclosure

If you are wondering about your DIY cat enclosure, then now is the time to take that leap and build one. Your cat will be grateful for the effort and meow its way to thank you. A cat enclosure will also give the much needed assurance that you need when you let your cat go outside or even play indoors.