Mothers know best especially if she is someone who has been with her children since day one. She can assess her children’s abilities and can even help the child gain confidence in doing something like writing, painting, modelling and much more. As young as the child is, mom can train him or her with something she knows the child has. Every child is gifted, may it be singing, dancing or whatever the talent is.


Just as Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018, according to the beauty queen, her mom has dreamt of her winning the crown, with which it was found out that Catriona has also joined the Little Miss Philippines in Australia when she was little. Without her mom’s approval, would she have joined the pageant when she was little?


If your little princess is fond of watching pageants, this could mean she is interested in something, maybe fashion modelling or ramping on a pageant. She could be a model for various dresses including flower girl dresses and junior bridesmaid dresses at an early age and could be a model for evening dresses, prom dresses and wedding dresses when she grows. There is also a high possibility that she can join a beauty pageant whilst young.


  1. Allow her to watch fashion shows and beauty pageants

With the presence of televisions and social medias such as facebook and youtube, children are easily influenced with what they are watching. Disney movies usually have the greatest influence on them especially with how the hair of the characters are fixed as well as how they are dressed. Meanwhile, there are shows which also inspire the little kids such as short advertisements on fashion with the kids being the role model. Beauty pageants such as Little Miss Universe or Little Miss World or whatever pageant would it be is also an inspiration to them which they will always end up imitating what they will be watching.


  1. Consent her to do ramping demonstrations if she wishes to

Children are so ambitious and they have very wide imaginations. As they imitate what they have watched, they could improvise something that will look similar as to what they saw, like the dresses and the crown. They can have a bath towel or any clothing that they can wear as a dress with a long train.


  1. If you think she is ready, join her into modelling classes

Children are so cute and adorable to look at and how much more if they are joining fashion shows or pageants, wherein, their beauties are being exposed. You can join her into a modelling class for some training and exposure before having her walk on the pageant.


  1. Consent her to beauty pageants if there are opportunities

Pageants are not only for teens and young adults. There are also pageants for children. For sure, it will not be only you who will encourage your daughter to try; but also, those who believe that she can do it. With that being said, there may not be difficulties in finding lovely dresses for her as well as fixing her during that contest. Her trainer on the modelling class may just bring out all the beautiful ball gown flower girl dresses, too that could be worn on the competition. Permitting her to these kinds of activities could build up her confidence. You will turn her shyness into a great achievement.


Your little princess could definitely be the Little Miss Universe and soon to be a Miss Universe when she grows up. As a mom, she needs your support for as long as it will be a for a greater benefit.