If your property is located in North Miami Beach, Florida and it has suffered from considerable damage and the insurer seems to be denying your claim or undervaluing the loss, then, you might feel powerless over the compensation that you receive. However, before you accept the compensation, it is crucial that you explore your options. This is why you need to consult with a Property Claim Lawyer to ensure that you get the best compensation that you deserve. You are not a charity case and you should certainly not feel that way. When you hire a property claim attorney, he or she will handle your property claim and will works towards getting the best compensation for you.

Who Is a Property Claim Lawyer & What Can a Property Claim Lawyer Do For You?

Chances are that you are not aware of who a property claim lawyer is and what the lawyer can do for you. In the simplest of words, a property claim lawyer is a specialized lawyer who will fight for your rights. The lawyer will negotiate for a better settle or contest the denied claim on your behalf. There is no reason for you to feel powerless. Take back control and let the insurer know that you are not alone. A property claim attorney will assist you throughout the claim proceedings. He or she will provide you with the professional help you need and will appeal the denied claim or the underpayment. When you hire a property claim attorney from Louis Law Group, you get the best lawyer in all of North Miami Beach, Florida to work for you. Moreover, the firm offers free consultations and case reviews to anyone facing a property loss case. The attorney at Louis Law Group will listen to all your queries and will you help you each step of the way.

Anyone who is a victim of property injury due to someone else’s negligence, an act of nature, or willful destruction can hire a North Miami Beach Florida property claim lawyer to get the justice they deserve. Let an experienced attorney handle your case and get you the claim that you need. Property damage is distinguishable and the lawyer will file the lawsuit claiming for damages on part of a willful act or negligence. Property damage includes damage caused to a house, a tree, a fence, an automobile, the garden, the backyard, or any other possession. The recovery amount for the damage caused will be established by the attorney by taking cost of repairs, evidence of replacement value, value of personal items, and loss of use until replaced or repaired into account. Even if sentimental items are involved and their value might be difficult to establish, the property claim lawyer is experienced in determining value of all types of items.

There are a number of issues that homeowners might have to face when their property gets damage by human error or natural forces. You might be quick to contact your insurance company to get a fair compensation thinking that the insurance company will have your best interests at heart. However, that is far from the truth. Insurance companies always try to undervalue or deny claims. Thus, if you have been having trouble getting the insurance company to accept your claim or the value that you desire, you will need to contact a property claim lawyer who will handle all the negotiations and legal proceedings for you. It is common for insurance companies to deny property damage claims or to delay them in order to make a profit. This is why when you hire a property claim lawyer who is an expert in property claim law you get to seek the justice that you deserve. Obtain the maximum compensation as previously promised and be treated fairly by having a lawyer fight for your rights.

Property Damage Settlements in Florida

Florida is not a state that is safe from property damage. Compensation for property damages/ losses in Florida is based on the case. But, it is common practice for insurance to provide payouts at less than the market price for the lost item or damaged property. There are other costs that need to be considered as well such as the cost of construction and repairs, the overheads, labor, profit, and related costs. Thus, the property claim lawyer will file a negligence lawsuit on your behalf.  The amount of compensation is estimated based on the price of the fair repair. The value of the property will be assessed at the current market price at the time of damage if the damaged property cannot be fixed. Some of the most common property claims handled by attorneys at Louis Law Group include the following.

  • Damaged water heaters
  • Vandalism and theft
  • Pipe leaks
  • Storm losses
  • Damages caused by hurricanes
  • Water, smoke, and wind damage
  • Fire claims
  • Roof leaks

It is important that every homeowner has a home insurance policy. Although most damages are covered by the standard insurance coverage, there are also separate insurance policies for flood or hurricane insurance. Louis Law Group attorneys will help determine the losses that are covered by your policy in order to determine the amount that you are entitled to.

What Are You Entitled To In Florida?

In Florida, the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights demands that insurers meet different requirements when processing the claim. The insurer is legally obligated to the following.

  • To notify the receipt of the claim within 14 days of the submission date.
  • To notify you regarding the status of the claim within 30 days from receipt of your claim.
  • To finish the processing of your claim and make the settlement for the entire value of the claim made or the undisputed part of the claim within 90 days of receipt of the claim. However, if the insurer does not do as required, the insurer has to provide a written report clearly stating why the claim was rejected.

Hire a North Miami Beach Florida Property Claim Lawyer

Managing the claim on your own can be difficult. Hence, it is in your best interests to hire a property claim attorney from Louis Law Group. Take a visit to the Website to see why Louis Law Group is the leading property claims firm in the region.