Work from Home with Video Conferencing

As more and more countries go under lockdown due to the corona virus crisis, video conferencing offers the most effective solution to meetings, working from home, and the like. If you are planning on working from home with video conferencing, then, this post is just for you as it looks at guidelines for video conferencing. The technology allows remote teams to collaborate and work together on projects without having to compromise on quality. Video conferencing is integral to working during the corona virus epidemic.

Choose a Video Conferencing Tool

When it comes to working from home and video conferencing in particular, you need to make sure that you choose the right video conferencing tool such as Logitech Video Conferencing Dubai as it provides the optimal audio solution. It offers noise cancellation technology that guarantees crystal-clear audio. No matter which type of environment you might be working in, the video conferencing tools can make a huge difference. Logitech video conferencing cameras allow you to make high resolution video calls. Besides, they are affordable, ideal for large and small rooms, offer plug and play simplicity, versatility, natural sounding audio, and speakerphone with Bluetooth for the best video conferencing experience.

Understand the Technology

The key to utilizing video conferencing for top performance while working from home is the understanding of the technology. The majority of video calling software such as Zoom, Blue Jeans, and Google Hangouts offer the same basic features like sending messages to users, muting the calls, and making group video calls. If you are not talking, then, it would be best to simply mute your microphone and to listen to the conversation. However, when you do have to say something, do not forget to turn it back on. Anyone who has never used video conferencing before should make practice calls to friends and family members. It will allow them to learn the ropes of using the technology.

Follow Standard Chairing Protocols

In order for video calls to be effective, it is vital that standard chairing protocols be followed. No person should be given the opportunity to only talk about their work and instead everyone should be given an equal opportunity to participate in the video call and to chip in with their ideas. Since video conferencing enhances existing behavior patterns, everyone should be told to follow the standard chairing protocols. It will prevent anyone from hijacking the call to discuss their issues. The video conference should be short and only important issues should be communicated.

Dress Appropriately

If you are new to video conferencing, it is important that you dress appropriately. When working from home, you are still expected to behave professionally. Nobody wants to discuss work-related issues with someone who dresses like a slob. Although the team is not expected to look perfect at all times, employees still need to look professional. You can use technology to filter out parts that you want to blur and can even brighten your complexion to look like you do not have a hangover. Besides just dressing the part, you should be mindful of what team members can see behind of you. A messy room with your underwear or lube does not give a good impression. Aim for a neutral backdrop.

Avoid Pointless Video Calls

As much as video conferencing is important to working from home, there is no need to take every call. You can avoid pointless video calls in order to focus on your work. However, you should be upfront about it. Technology tends to dehumanize interactions. This is why everyone needs to be aware of the dehumanizing effects of technology. Only discuss matters that relate to the meeting. Moreover, only the selective few should be invited to attend the video conference.

Always Follow Good Etiquette

Whether you are at the office or working from home, you need to always follow good etiquette. There is no excuse for behaving rudely during the video conference. Do not browse through your Instagram during the video call as it is considered extremely rude. For instance, you should put your phone on silent in order for others to not be disturbed by your constant phone notifications. Nobody wants to be bothered with your whatsapp group conversations. Moreover, you should sit straight and look towards the camera. It shows the team that you are engaged in the conversation. Be mindful of others and let others know that they can give their insights by raising their hands. Ask everyone to give their opinions and do not just concentrate on the few. A video conference should be inclusive and not exclusive.

Avoid the Private Chat

One of the most common mistakes employees tend to make when working from home and video conferencing is that they type messages in the private chat. Since everything is saved in the private chat, if you gossip about the video call being useless, your employer is most likely to find out. Hence, it is best that you avoid the private chat during the video conference unless told not to.

Treat Everyone like Humans

As much as you would want everyone to be on board with your ideas and always on the line, things do not always work that way. Working remote is not easy, especially when some of the employees are full time parents or students. Everyone has other priorities too and it is vital that you treat them as humans. People who work remotely tend to have higher stress levels. However, face-to-face interacts help build trust and allow teams to collaborate together. If somebody has to use the toilet or they have to feed their child, they should be allowed to do so. It is obvious that everyone is human and has other things to take care of as well.


Video conferencing has become an optimal solution in recent times. It allows people to Work from Home Video Conferencing Dubai. Video calling is neutral just like any other technology. It all depends on the way you use it. Only use it when necessary. The tips mentioned in this post will lead to successful video conferencing.