Here is an example of enquiry:


Date 16th January 2019


The Principal/The Management,

XYZ School, (Place).


Subject: Inquiring about a school visit for our product/brand promotion

Dear Sir/Mam,

This is Mr Rajeev Sheth the marketing head of “………………”, “Place”. I am writing to your esteem organization on behalf of our brand for the promotion of our upcoming milk beverage that is FDA approved and highly beneficial for school kids or teenagers. We have been looking for schools, where we can get a wide platform for the marketing of our product. After detailed research, we found out your school as the esteemed place for the same opportunity as we are looking for maximum mass coverage and your school has more than 2000 students in the campus.

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Our product is basically a milk beverage that is also considered as an energy drink for the school kids and teenagers. It is a must-have for boosting up the immunity or calorie during travel, sports or any other activities. Our product is certified and advised by the doctors for the children above 5 years. The teenagers and the adults can also consume it while feeling any lack of energy. With this product promotion, we are also looking out for the perfect school kid who can be the face of our marketing campaign in the town.

With an inquiry to visit your school for our brand’s promotion, we would also like to put a request for allowing us to introduce your school premises to the media as they would like to cover the entire promotional event on their esteem satellite channel. This can also help your school to get publicity along with our product promotion. We totally understand the privacy and principles of any academic organization and hence, we thought to write it to you before asking the same in person.

Furthermore, our interest in visiting your school has moralized our employees and top management to promote the product with its real mass of customers, i.e. students; this makes our campaign more opportunistic and real. Henceforth, we will offer your school students with discount vouchers that they can redeem at any local store or super malls located in the nearby area. Our visit will also help your teachers at the school to boost the students for understanding the benefits of having milk once or twice a day.

With our visit to your school, we would like to explore our opportunities to acknowledge the students about the versatility of our product and would like to give them a demo about the product manufacturing idea. This will help the students to get a general idea about the manufacturing process of any beverage that is sold in the market. In general, our school visit will educate your students in a practical method, which will further benefit them in various ways.

If you can allow our brand to have 3-4 hours of visit to your school, then it would be great. Waiting to hear back from you.

Thanking you,

XYZ, (name of the brand and designation)


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