How to identify the best solution for Dubai business setup?

Starting a business set up in Dubai blindly can cause a lot of problems. Taking advice from authentic resources can stop any inconvenience from happening.

Dubai Business setup has been one of the most attractive business sites. It has always been encouraged because it has numerous opportunities. The economic stability observed in Dubai is making everyone gets appealed to it. Not just that but also there are a number of huge benefits people can get benefit from. All a businessman needs to know is some important things before he starts his business in Dubai. This will keep him from a lot of troubles making his business a success.

There are plenty of benefits being offered to business investors in Dubai. With proper guidance, they can grow their businesses in a very less time period. The number of clients and the facilities being offered in Dubai is literally remarkable. If certain mistakes are avoided, a lot of hurdles may get vanished for the business start-ups.


Get acquainted with some amazing facts regarding business set up in Dubai and avoid as many businesses start-up problems as possible. So, here are some Do’s and Don’ts for the business set up Dubai for your exclusive business.


Do’s in business startup Dubai

Get a local sponsor

First of all, get aquatinted with a local sponsor or a UAE resident to be your partner. This is because of avoiding the problems a business can encounter during the launch of a business enterprise. As the number of opportunities is huge, the steps taken should be wise. A local sponsor may save the business from encountering unknown problems.

Note that the UAE resident appointed will be the owner of 51% of the company whereas the rest of 49% will be the expat. In this way, the business will get the freedom of location. The business will then be able to locate itself in the best suitable place from every aspect.

The business sponsor must be paid fee on yearly basis. Negotiations can be carried out regarding that. Also, develop a rapport for being able to face all the problems business may face in the long run. The sponsor will basically provide help in difficult situations to the business.


Select a free zone for owning the business 100%

For a business to start without a UAE national, the only way remains is that of starting a business in a free zone. Businesses which need to be present in city markets wouldn’t consider it practical. Businesses involving government may need to be registered with UAE local sponsor.

Note that purchasing or renting business in a free trade zone might be difficult to handle because they demand high budget.


Free zone business start-ups have huge benefits including;

100% ownership

Quick startup procedures

No custom taxes


Select a location

The location must be suitable, convenient as well as cost effective.

Determining the most suitable location should be given prime importance because location counts a lot. If the business location is not up to the mark, the client wouldn’t be able to reach out to the business. Also, the economy will get affected too. Similarly, if the location is attractive, the clients will reach out too which will increase the profit of the business. So, choose a profitable location which is convenient as well.


for a free zone company, the location must be chosen on the basis of distance, cost as well as the suitability of the product. The trade requirements and the business model can also be considered for free zone locations.

The tenancy contract should be sorted out on time. Take care of all the basic needs for the sake of establishing a business.


Check your visa requirements and eligibility

You must have the visa permit for the business set up in UAE. visa is the basic need for running a business in UAE. the visas are allowed for almost all kinds of business but the number of visas may vary from business to business. Also, the office space and employee category may also have an impact on the visa.

For a local company formation in Dubai, work with your sponsor in order to get the visa. This is a good way of sorting things out. One of the ease here is that the visa application processes are not strict and any business is welcomed here in UAE. the processes are easy but there is the need of a sponsor for applying for the visa.


Hire registration agents

For a business start-up in Dubai, hiring an agent may ease almost all of your problems. The business consultants in UAE basically register the businesses on your behalf. They are a good option as they let you start your business while being at your side throughout the process.

FAR Consulting Middle East business consultants will help you open your bank account, arrange all the auditing functions and help you with your nominee functions as well. This is not all. They will be by your side throughout the business setting process and will guide you through your path in quite a good way.


There are some other things which need to be taken care of while going for company formation in the UAE.

  1. check the size of the office and its preconditions before registering and forming a company in any of the free zones in the UAE.
  2. do not conclude anything just on the basis of information published. There may be a lot of things misguiding you.
  3. Be very sure about the license category you choose. Confirm the business model and then devise your own business plan.
  4. Confirm the bank charges and then go for opening your bank account.
  5. Sign the sponsorship but first, go for a legal agreement. Do not run into anything blindly. Take each and every step with great care.


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