As we age, we experience problems related to misalignment of our spine. Around 80% of aging people will experience back pain. One of the most sucessful and safest forms of health care to treat back pain is chiropractic care. While there are some doubts about the safety of chiropractic care, it has been proven that it is very effective and safe compared to other forms of medical treatments such as drug therapy and surgery. More and more elderly are using chiropractic to help them with back pain. They already trust the process because it has been used for over 100 years. Note that chiropractic care is not only given to people aged under 45 years old and people without a medical condition. There are many advantages available with chiropractic care to people experiencing back pain. Here are some:

Treat Pain

It’s effective and safe in treating pain related to the spinal disorder. Malformation of the spine and the surrounding soft tissues structures are some of the causes of spinal pain. As we age, the solidity of our bones decreases, and doing our everyday task can cause fractures to our bones. Chiropractors are professionally trained to identify incorrect arrangement of the spinal column or subluxations and their future effect on the central nervous system making the treatment effective. Seniors experiencing back pain who are taking advil, aspirin and other pain relievers won’t really experience treatment because these drugs just only conceal the sign of pain. There could be many side effects too. Trained chiropractor windsor can help repair joint and spinal damages without having you worrying about side effects.

Expand balance and coordination

One of the common problem in the aging population is the decrease in balance and coordination. This is due to injuries or changes with the cervical spine or neck region. Mechanoreceptors which are located in the back joints of the cervical spine are the ones responsible for providing the brain with the vital information for balance and coordination. Mechanoreceptors are small receptors which help our brain understand where our limbs are functioning in space.  They provide significant input with regards to the position of the head in relation to our body. As we age, the functions of these mechanoreceptors have affected that result in loss of sense of body awareness. Steps become irregular and uneven in length. The patient becomes unable to compensate as the impairment of mechanoreceptors increases. With severe loss of body awareness, it will be hard for a patient to get up or stand without assistance. Chiropractic care can help in restoring balance and coordination by stimulating mechanoreceptors in the cervical spine. The stimulation process can restore or normalize the functions of mechanoreceptors that will lead to balance and coordination improvement.

Improve range of motion

Many older people are having a hard time moving in the way they once did. Back pains hold them from doing activities they previously enjoyed. They suffer from a decreased range of motion. And because of that, they find it hard to do even the simple everyday task such as brushing teeth or putting away dishes. Increasing the range of motion, especially for elderly can change their lives. It will mean they can bend down to pick up something or pick up and carry children. They can even do gardening without pain or play golf. Chiropractic care not only increases the range of motion but as well as the extremities. This is the reason why many top professional sports teams have a chiropractor in their teams. With chiropractic care, patients become more flexible. Better range of motion can help them enjoy more doing activities they like without developing pain. Treatment brought by chiropractic care will allow patients to move more comfortably, reducing the amount of pain in back and joints.

Healthy Immune system and overall health

If our spine is aligned correctly, our body circulation will increase, which helps in flushing toxins from our body. The brain can also communicate fully with all other parts of our body, allowing it to repair and monitor our body more effectively. According to one study, adults who regularly see chiropractor increase their immune system over the course of five years.

Quality life

It has been proven that regular chiropractor care among aging people increases the quality of life of these patients. These elderly experienced amazing benefits such as more can do regular exercises, less are likely suffering from arthritis, and less and less of these patients are a move to a nursing home. They can enjoy little things such as playing with their grandchildren, easier time shopping, etc. Patients can fully enjoy life because they won’t have to worry about pain.

When it comes to taking care of back pain, chiropractor care is among the safest intervention. The risk of having a severe problem is extremely small. Some reported minor side effects are muscle soreness and stiffness. Pretty much the same with the impact after you begin an exercise program. People can get more serious side effects from taking medications compared to having manipulation and manual therapy under chiropractors. Elderly should always try non-drug option first because medications are more risky to older people compared to younger ones, especially that older people have other conditions. Besides, bodies of older people process drugs more slowly. There are also reported cases where drugs, particularly opioids, increase the risk of falling, which is can be very risky for this age group.

Many elderly people visit chiropractors nowadays not only to seek for treatment solutions but to get help for their overall health. The central nervous system is encased in the spinal cord, so any irregularity or obstruction in the alignment of our spine can affect our system-wide health. Chiropractors are experts when it comes to spinal manipulation and can provide an alternative treatment to properly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure without undergoing medical procedure and surgery. This is the reason why it’s the best option for people experiencing back pain brought by aging. The goal is chiropractic treatment is to restore functions and prevent injuries in addition to relief of back pain.