Do you like to play games? Games are fun activity, which many people love to do. Some even spend hours a day and regularly play on their favorite games.

This means that you really have to own a good and comfortable keyboard/mouse/desk. If you are going to spend several hours a day at the same place, you better make it so that you don’t get uncomfortable. And of course make sure to take regular breaks from it too!

Playing games like WoW, Minecraft, PUBG and CS are quite popular nowadays. Most games require a lot of attention and are quite a fun time. They can even help you relieve some of the stress from school/work and even from family.

You can also chat, communicate with people all around the world.

There are many types of games, depdending on the taste you have. There are stragy games, fps games, racing games, story games, rpg, shooter and many more.

If you enjoy playing games that are of the type FPS (First Person Shooter), then you know that you have to have great mouse. The FPS mouse should be responsive, comfortable and of course a has to be good looking to fit the gaming environment.

So when looking for an FPS mouse, consider doing some research, find out more about the specs and the details.
The mouse should be comfortable, with great design, acomplimenting the gaming desk of yours. It should be lightweight but not too light, just comfortable enough for you to move around and play the games.

Also the keyboard should be one that is suitable for your place. Depending on the size, and the key size that you preffer when typing and pressing the buttons in the game.
The gaming keyboards are often a bit expensive, but really comfortable and offer durability, often water resistant, which is great if you love to eat some snack while on the pc.
Another great think is they offer additional buttons which can be quite useful in games.

Another great tip is to have a great cleaning kit. Cleaning the keyboard and mouse and desk, might not sound like fun, but it can really be smelling bad and hurting the gaming performance, and you want to enjoy the game, without thinking about all the dirty and sweaty left overs on the desk right?

Another advise from us, is to consider a great lighting. It really makes a big difference on your eye strain depending on the monitor position, brightness and light in the room. YOu should really consider making some changes if you love to play games for longer time and get eye strain.

Playing games, is a fun and relaxing activity, and sometimes could be motivational and even help you out with your tasks, however make sure to take regular breaks, and let your body get some rest from all the fun. Take a quick walk, stretch a bit, drink some fluids and eat something, before going back to your gaming chair.