How Award-Winning Technology Partners Add Value to Your Business  

HitsTech is an award-winning IT company in North Carolina.  Bill Tobey shares his insights to why hiring only the best IT company is the best option for your organization.

The technology landscape is ever-changing, and your business needs to have access to the latest research and tools in order to be successful. Your competitors are constantly closing in and forcing your business to move faster, reduce expenses while still growing revenue. It is particularly challenging to grow your business if you’re tripping over slow networks, poor data quality and aging software — not to mention telecommunications platforms that simply don’t work for your business. Your technology infrastructure can easily be a competitive advantage for your business, but how can you be sure you’re selecting the right support team for your needs? While technology partners may offer many of the same services, there is a wide range of variability in terms of quality and training of their front-line support staff and engineers. There are a few basic factors such as the quality of the team, the cost structure and whether the organization has a trusted reputation in the community that can help you differentiate the best solution providers. With your business success riding in part on your IT infrastructure, there are a variety of reasons you should gravitate towards partners that are winning accolades from partners and peers in the technology community.

How “Award-Winning” IT Services Provider Make a Difference

Award-winning organizations have many opportunities that may be closed to others in the technology industry, including speaking engagements and community interactions. This can also translate into priority pricing and the ability to attract the most highly-qualified technology and support professionals. These are no participation awards — awards in the technology industry are incredibly competitive and a true badge of honor for organizations. Some of the awards such as the MSP 501 reviews thousands of entrants to pick the best and most successful managed services providers in the world. These IT services providers are those that have proven themselves incredibly devoted to their clients, offering exceptional service and ongoing support as well as showing a commitment to ongoing education for their staff members.

Dedication to Education and Outstanding Service

Teams that win awards in the technology community often boast a particularly close relationship with key vendors such as Microsoft, providing them with direct lines to hardware and software vendors. This simple connection provides measurable value to your business — this direct connection to providers can speed up resolution if you find that there’s been a problem. Once a technology partner is named to a prestigious list such as the MSP 501, they are able to enter an elite community that often provides them with access to additional training and networking opportunities.

Grow Visibility Within Your Vertical

Award-winning solutions providers are often called upon to speak at industry events, and they generally work with one of their clients to tell a success story. These industry events often bring together some of the best minds in the business and can result in additional interest in your business and new partnerships that can add real value to your business. As your IT solutions provider grows, you’re gaining the benefit of their improvement in terms of service quality and superior relationship levels.

Whether you’re just getting started with outsourced IT services or ready to switch from your current provider, look for a team that has a focus on education and internal excellence. These are often the same organizations that are winning awards within the industry. Considered the #1 IT company in North Carolina, HitsTech was recently named to the highly respected MSP 501 for 2019. Want to see how our team can help boost your business performance? Contact us today at 828-695-9440 or via email to