The Best Sources of Free Trap Beats

Trap music consists of trap beats. It is a genre of music that has quickly gained momentum with the rise in sub-genres of dance music culture. Although, the new found hype towards trap music has recently emerged, trap music has a history behind it. Emerging from the South, trap music is a genre that is filled with a hard attitude which is felt in the sound of the low end 808 bass samples, snappy snares, loud kicks, triple hi hats, triangle and brass that are all used for composing the tracks.

The percussion samples normally originate from the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. South rappers such as Manny Fresh, Three 6 Mafia, Young Jeezy, GucciMane and Waka Flocka Flame come to mind when speaking of the originators of trap music.

There are also some iconic trap music producers like Young Chop, Zaytoven and Lex Lurger. The use of Dutch house, dub and techno are some of the sounds that are incorporated in the original Roland TR-808 drum samples to create new trap beats. They have had an influence on dance music. When it comes to describing trap music, it is a combination of the following.

  • 1/3 Dub (Low frequency focus that has a strong emphasis on repetition throughout the song).
  • 1/3 Dance Music (Hard style sampling, Hitch pitched Dutch synth work and a wide range of trap that is remixed with popular EDM songs).
  • 1/3 Hip Hop (The tempo and song structure is quite similar, majority of the tracks are between 7- to 110 beats per minute). At times, the vocals are also pitched down.

Now that you have an idea of what trap music is, we can move on to the more important question that is what are the best sources of free trap beats. So what are you waiting for, let’s find out what the best sources of free trap beats are.

  1. Free Beats

Are you looking for royalty free trap beats? Then you need to check out free trap beats. The website offers amazing trap beets. It does not matter what type of trap beat you are looking for or for what purpose because every type of trap beat is covered and can be found on the website. The best part is that Free Beats offers trap beats for free. Yes, you read that right. All you need to do is head over to their website by clicking on the above link and you will get to use the best trap beat for your demo, mix tape, album or new single.

Both high-quality and 320 kbps WAV files can be downloaded from the website. One can even record themselves rapping or singing over the instruments to produce original hip-hop tracks. There is no limit to what you can do on Free Beats. The beats are absolutely royalty-free. It means you can use the beats freely without any worries for your projects. Keep a hundred of the earnings you make.

Songs that contain the trap beats can be posted to music streaming websites such as DatPiff, YouTube, Spotify and Sound Cloud. The songs you make containing the beats can also be sold on Amazon, Google Play and ITunes. You can even use it for films, the radio, TV or music videos. Give Free Beats a try as it is the number one source of free trap beats out there.

  1. Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is an amazing platform for music lovers throughout the world. It is used in just about every corner of the globe. Artists use it to promote their music or to get some recognition. Sound Cloud is available for desktop and can be used on your smartphone through the official Sound Cloud app which is available on both Google Play and App Store.

Just about every type of music and beats can be found on Sound Cloud. The best part is that there are many free trap beats that are available for download on Sound Cloud. Therefore, it is a great idea to check it out. Sound Cloud functions just like a social media platform. So, you can easily gain fans on the platform. Go through the app and find out the trap beats you can download. There are many that are available for free.

  1. Freek Van Workum

Freek Van Workum is a great platform that allows you to download all types of beats, including trap beats. One can use the beats for their YouTube videos and so much more. The only thing Freek Van Workum requests from users is that they include “music prod by” to give credit where it is due. Use the beats for free and include the credits to use the music.

Sync the beats to your YouTube videos and use them by writing the credits in your bio. It will help ensure that you continue using the beats for free. The free beats are available in mp3 format. However, a license will need needs to be purchased from the store if one wishes to upgrade the quality of sound. The delivery file would then have a sound higher quality.

There is a limitation to Freek Van Workum as users will need to buy a license if they want to distribute and sell the song outside of YouTube, Facebook or Sound Cloud. On the other hand, Free Beats offers free usage of the beat for just about everything.

Moreover, one cannot use the samples of the royalty free beats in their own composition. But, you can monetize the YouTube video of the song by giving credit as mentioned earlier. Artists can make a song with Free Beats.



There are plenty of resources out there for downloading free trap beats. But, most of them do not offer a huge variety of beats or have certain restrictions such as Freek Van Workum. Free Beats on the other hand is the only website that provides you with complete independence when it comes to using their trap beats.