Online classes can never reach the standard school/college classes’ level and effectiveness. Still, nothing is impossible if you are a wise parent or teacher who knows the learners’ interests. You may either plan some ways to balance your kid’s interest in online classes or find the best platform for online-learning like Lido learning , which has the software for your kid’s online learning. 

In this article, we will discuss what we can do to make the online classes fun so that our kid must not annoy us when it comes to online education. Kids do love online education, but this love is only for games and adventures. They will not show any interest in things that are not intriguing or adventurous. 

Many tricks can change the way you conduct the lesson; being a parent, you must contact the teachers and help them design a better course; your feedback and advice matter a lot. So, if you have selected an online course and find it a bit boring for your kid, then keep on reading and contact the educationist to add some spice in it. 

Make sure to reward 

No one likes to study for long hours, even if they are free to roam in their house, but your kid is complying with the rules if you see that. Then never let him feel unappreciated. You must give him a weekly reward to feel good about his habit of following the classroom rules even at home.

Value the learners 

If you are a teacher, then do not ignore the names of the students. For a student, a teacher’s attitude and kindness mean a lot. You must remember the kid’s name while addressing him. Remind them that they have done a great job in the previous lectures. 

Ask them to learn from games.

The best part about online classes is online gaming. You can select a game for the student and ask them to play that game for learning some concepts. You can assign them some tasks that will be done online for a higher level, but for young learners’ games are the perfect software. 

Use online tools

In an online class, the teacher is not present around the students, so they do not feel a typical classroom’s strictness. So, to control the students, you must use all the online tools available. You may ask them to turn on their cameras during the class, interact with them, and ask questions.  

Classes should be short.

You cannot force the kids to stay in the classroom for more than 30 minutes, so short lectures will be more effective than the longer ones. Being a parent, you can record the timeline when your kid is interested in the lecture, and the limit when he is feeling tired. Communicate it with the teacher and ask them to plan the lecture according to the learners’ capacity.  

Use music and drawing.

You can share your favorite things with the learners during the online classes; for freshening learners, you may ask them to play their favorite music or show their favorite pet. Thus, they will not get bored throughout the class.