How CBD Can Make You Feel Your Best

When we feel good on the inside, it shines through on the outside. It’s why so many pregnant women have a natural glow about them. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be pregnant to glow and that’s why it’s so important to practice self-care. Self-care isn’t selfish and taking care of ourselves is vital to our success and happiness. That’s why so many women are taking Pure CBD Oil to wine down, refresh and get their dose of calm.


Here’s just 4 of the many reasons why women are using CBD Oil (also referred to as Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil) to feel their best—physically and mentally.


CBD Oil for Mental Health

As of 2019, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) released research documentation in 2019 that demonstrated CBD’s ability to decrease stress in animals during testing trials. CBD was attributed to reduced behavioral signs and physiological symptoms of anxiety, including improvements in their rapid breathing and heightened heart rate levels. CBD is also shown to influence receptors in the brain that are directly connected to serotonin. It’s known that smaller levels of serotonin are exhibited by those who suffer from depression, which may cause anxiety. While there are medications that directly affect serotonin levels, most are synthetic. As such, many are turning to CBD as a more natural alternative to help support and manage their anxiety and depression.

CBD Oil for Pain

Our TRPV1 receptors in our brain affect temperature regulation in the body, inflammation and our perception of pain. CBD is shown to bind to these TRPV1 receptors and when activated it can help create homeostasis by increasing our pain tolerance and regulating our body’s temperature. Many who suffer from chronic pain, acute pain, migraines, premenstrual symptoms, arthritis and more are using CBD for pain management for greater relief.


CBD Oil for Exercise Recovery

Those who are no strangers to pushing their bodies to the limits are very familiar with the aches, pains and soreness from working out. In year’s past, people would revert to over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)— like ibuprofen—to alleviate their inflammation. Unfortunately, ibuprofen has serious risks that could lead to kidney damage or increase chances of a heart attack. Therefore, many are swapping out the ibuprofen for CBD to alleviate and reduce inflammation, allowing them to continue their rigid training regimen. These athletes take their search online to find a high-quality broad spectrum cbd oil for sale.


CBD Oil for Sleep

There are many cannabinoids in a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, including CBD, CBDa, CBDV, CBC and CBN; whereas a Full Spectrum CBD Oil may include cannabinoids like CBD, CBDa, CBDV, CBG, CBC and less than 0.3% trace of THC. Research shows that cannabinoid CBN may have sedative effects and the cannabinoid CBG may help to provide aid with insomnia. The better rested we feel, the more we can shine and feel our best.


In Conclusion

CBD Oil benefits many different health conditions and ailments, making it very appealing to take for those interested in feeling their best naturally. With greater mental and physical health, we tend to be happier. And when we are happy, we glow.


Author’s Bio

Danielle Marie is Co-Founder of Veré CBD and is on a mission to help other women feel their best so they can show up to life with their best. Enter to win free CBD products via and start your journey to wellness.