How do I choose the right size of Wall art canvas?

You want to hang a few pictures in certain rooms of your house, but for you, it is a real headache. You are wondering how to choose the size that is best for you.

In fact, you should know that the right size of a painting is just as important as its composition. The balance between the size of the wall and the space that the wall art will take in will add to the aesthetic of the room.

Here are some tips that will help you:


First, you need to take the measurements of the wall where you want to install them. If I say “install them”, it’s because we can have several wall art canvas options in the same space. So you measure the height and width of the entire wall. If you decide to hang it above a piece of furniture (be it a bed, sofa or desk), you take the measurements from the top of the furniture to the ceiling.

The maximum size

Next, make sure that the picture(s) do not exceed 75% of the total width of the furniture you are hanging them above. This would have the effect of weighing down your decor.

This rule does not apply, however, if you are placing a work of art above the fireplace. In fact, placed there, a canvas tends to look better if its dimension equals the width of the fireplace. You will be amazed at the glance.

The 3/8 rule

Also, remember to use the 3/8 rule when working on an empty wall. Measure the width and multiply it by 0.37. This will give you the ideal size for the painting that you could hang on the wall. For example, we could put on a wall 140 inches wide a frame 140 x 0.37 = 51.8 inches.

But if, instead of hanging just one, you decide to hang three, will the rule change? Absolutely not! The spaces between the canvases will become, quite simply, an inherent part of the measurements taken. In the example above, a 51.8 inch frame would work. If we put the frames 1 inch apart, we will need to install canvases approximately 16.6 inches wide each (16.6 + 1 + 16.6 + 1 + 16.6 = 51.8).


You should especially not forget to calculate the thickness of the frames. They are in addition to the total width accepted on your wall.

If you have to choose between a larger canvas and a taller painting, choose the latter. Try to follow the 3/8 rule for the height of the wall, and to make sure you get the desired effect, cut out templates from paper, stick them with stickers. You will thus assess the volume that your composition will occupy on the wall.

Where can you find the right size canvases?

Taking an inventory of the paintings you already have will allow you to sort them out. You then keep the ones that suit the style you will give to your home. If you do not find anything satisfactory, you can search online for ideas that will perfectly complement your decor.