Birds are the grace of the environment. They are the grace of the trees as well. Like stars bring shine to the sky, similarly, birds bring shine to this environment. The chirping of birds, flying of birds in the sky enhances the beauty of the environment. Just imagine nature without birds. It would have been so tedious and tiresome. As the world is growing digitally at a faster pace, very new technologies are evolving day by day. Many wireless devices, Wi-Fi technologies have been developed since the last decade.

Mobile phones have become an irreplaceable gadget in everyone’s life. They have made human life relatively easier and faster. But these mobile phones have bought the lives of a large number of birds at risk. However, the mobile towers emit out harmful radiations that have adverse effects on the birds. From the last decade, birds are decreasing gradually. The major reason for this is the radiations of mobile towers. Not only birds are adversely affected by these harmful radiations, but human life is also at great risk.

Electromagnetic Radiations from Mobile towers:

The mobile towers discharge out low-intensity electromagnetic radiations, which can’t be felt, can’t be noticed, but can have an adverse effect on many lives. The mobile towers emit out two types of electromagnetic radiations, namely, Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiations.

These radiations lower the immune system of the birds and insects and severely damage their body because birds and insects are very sensitive and delicate in nature. Not only the immune system of the birds gets affected, but also the nervous system gets damaged badly.

How electromagnetic radiations affect the birds’ life?

As the birds are subtle and fine, their exposure to these radiations has a very bad consequence on the body. These radiations can affect the reproduction process in the birds. Additionally, the electromagnetic emissions badly damage the birds’ central nervous system and the circulatory system. Sometimes, they may feel difficulty in breathing. According to earth reminder, birds use the magnetic field of the earth for flying. But, the electromagnetic rays from the mobile towers damage the earth’s magnetic field.

This becomes very difficult for the birds to fly. Due to reason, they are not able to migrate as well. When the birds get exposed to these rays of mobile towers, they fly in a direction other than the destination.

Biologically, bees use “clocks” for flying to a specific destination. But these rays affect the clocks present in the bees, which enable them to fly to a different destination. In butterflies, there is a magnetoreception system for flying. This system gets damaged due to mobile tower radiations. The last decade is witnessing the reduction of bees and butterflies from the surroundings.

The mobile tower radiation also has a disadvantageous effect on the peacocks. Peacock is the national bird and is very well-known for its feathers. But feathers may get damaged due to these rays. Additionally, a large number of flies have also deteriorated for many years.

The studies have proved that the exposure of electromagnetic rays’ results in the fragmentation of the DNA of flies. This is the primary reason for the decrease in flies.

One study has shown that the birds have less amount of fluid content in them. So, their body gets heated very fast due to the exposure of electromagnetic rays. This is the major cause of why birds get diverted from their destination.

It is proved that the eggs laid by the chicken near any mobile tower do not succeed to hatch. Even the number of sparrows has been diminished due to these towers. The less the usage of mobile phones, the higher the number of sparrows visible.

The high usage of mobile phones will diminish these helpless and sensitive creatures from the earth in the near future. No bird or insect will have their existence on the earth due to the wireless technologies evolving in a large number.

Mobile phone towers and Birds:

Following are the points how the birds are exaggerated by the cell phone tower radiations:

  1. As mentioned above, birds when exposed to these cell phone radiations, they lose their navigation skills. Due to the decrease in navigation skills, birds fly to different directions.
  2. Lowering the health of the immune system and declining of the nervous system is another great damage caused due to the electromagnetic radiations.
  3. The harmful cell phone tower productions weaken the health of the birds’ skeleton. Originally, birds have thin exo-skeletons. So, these rays may destruct the skeleton more harshly.
  4. Another major problem is the hatching of the eggs, if any bird lays its eggs near the cell phone tower, the eggs fail to hatch.

The study has proved that near about seven million of birds fall prey to these radiations. If the measures are not taken, the birds will disappear. Many countries of the world experienced an extensive decrease in the house sparrows for the last few years. In India, the city Chennai, known “as Green City” has discovered that a large number of home sparrows died due to cell phone towers. In Chennai, there are a total of 4000 cell phone towers, which is incredibly a large number. Along with Chennai, the cities of India, namely, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Chandigarh also experience a drastic decrease in the number of home sparrows. Some studies have stated that along with the electromagnetic rays, lack of food, grass, a large number of manufacturing industries, large use of wireless devices is also the reasons for the death of the birds.

In order to save the lives of the birds, we need to create environmental awareness among the people. People should be made aware of the harmful effects on birds caused due to the large use of cell phones. If people start using mobile phones limitedly, birds’ lives can be saved to an incredibly large number. Less use of mobile phones results in less emission of electromagnetic radiations, which in turn results in a smaller number of deaths of birds.