Looking for a grow tent but don’t know which size to purchase? There are a few things you need to consider before you decide the right grow tent size for planting marijuana. It mostly depends on the number of plants and the tools you want to keep in the tent.

Fortunately for you, we’ve simplified and listed all the important factors to consider when selecting your grow tent’s size. 

Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it.

Why Does the Size of Your Grow Tent Matter?

While looking at the different sizes of grow tents, you may probably wonder if it matters which size you get. 

To answer your question, yes, it does. It’s one of the most important decisions to make when planting marijuana indoors. Tent size will impact the growth of your plants and the overall cost you put into it.

For instance, if your grow tent is larger than what you need, you will end up spending more money on grow tools and electricity. Alternatively, if your tent is too small, your plants will get too crowded, which might hamper their growth.

Quantity of Plants and Tent Size

We suggest looking at the guidelines provided by the tent manufacturer to get an idea of what size you need for your plants. However, some general guidelines can show how tent sizes work in relation to the number of plants:

  • 2 ft. x 2 ft. – One to two mature plants or four small plants
  • 5 ft. x 2.5 ft. – Two mature plants or six small plants
  • 4 ft. x 2 ft. – Three mature plants or eight small plants
  • 5 ft. x 5 ft. – Six mature plants or twenty small plants

However, if you’re providing Sea of Green (SOG) training to your plants, you will also need to consider growth space. As part of the SOG training process, the top layer of plants needs a specific amount of light energy, which is only possible if plants have sufficient growth space. 

In such situations, the general rule of thumb is to keep one plant per square foot.

Similarly, if you’re using the ScrOG Training process, you’ll also need space to put a screen between the plant and the light source. In this process, plant tips grow naturally towards the screen, after which they start growing horizontally. 

You will need to ensure your tent has space for this horizontal growth. Generally, it takes 0.25 plants per square foot in such cases, which means 4 square feet per plant.

Other Things to Consider

Don’t forget that your tent will also hold equipment along with your plants. Whether it’s a light source, a fan, or a humidifier, make sure you know well in advance all the equipment you need. 

Be sure to include this equipment when trying to estimate the right size for your grow tent.

Also, remember squeezing in more plants does not equate to more yield. If anything, a crowded grow tent might lead to an unhealthy environment as there might not be enough light and CO2 for all your plants. 


There are many options in terms of style and size when it comes to grow tents. Now that you’ve gone through the information in this post, we’re sure you know how important it is to buy the right grow tent for your plants.

First, decide how many plants you want to keep. Next, make space for the necessary equipment in your mind as well. This way, you won’t have a hard time finding the right size for your grow tent.