If you are running a business, you know how important it is to delegate specific tasks – because, at the end of the day, as much as you might want to do it all, you can’t. There are some things which are better delegated to others, especially if these are tasks that could benefit from someone else’s expertise and experience. If you are involved in e-commerce and taking orders from customers online, there is one particular service that can be of immense help to you. We’re talking about e-commerce fufilment services, of course, and they have already proven to be quite beneficial to numerous e-commerce businesses today. If you are wondering about e-commerce fulfilment and how the service works, here’s what you need to know about it – and how it can benefit you.


What an e-commerce fulfilment service does

Essentially, an e-commerce or order fulfilment company or provider will warehouse whatever goods or items you have, and they will fulfil your orders for you. For the fulfilment service provider to do this, it will often integrate your e-commerce system or software with its own system, so the entire e-commerce fulfilment process is streamlined. When an order is received, the fulfilment service will then pick it, pack it, and prepare it to be shipped to your customers. A fulfilment service or provider can also coordinate with shipping companies and schedule shipments on your behalf. With an e-commerce fulfilment company, you can expect a fee per month, specifically for storage. This fee will be based on the number of palettes or bins you have stored in their facility or warehouse. If there is an order which needs to be fulfilled, they will then charge you an additional fee.


The full benefits of the service

If you are planning to outsource your ecommerce fulfilment needs, know that it comes with a lot of benefits indeed. For instance, with e-commerce fulfilment services, you can benefit from reduced rates when it comes to shipping, and you can also benefit from decreased operational expenses since you no longer have to worry about acquiring manpower or machinery or training staff and maintaining machinery, either. Along with this, you can easily grow as a company and brand because you will be able to expand your market and focus on the other aspects, which will allow you to grow your business at the same time.

  • Lowered costs of shipping – good e-commerce fulfilment companies will often have facilities spread out through the country and even abroad, and this can provide you with a good foundation for lowered costs in shipping. You can, for instance, take advantage of discounts on bulk delivery, and you can also save as much as 35% from published rates for shipping, depending on the e-commerce fulfilment company you choose.
  • Reduced operational expenses – when you engage the services of a fulfilment provider, you can also reduce your operational expenses. This is because you pay only for what you use. You will usually have a flat rate per month for storage, but they will only charge you an additional fee for the picking, packing, and shipping of orders. Even if you experience changes in the demand for your products due to the season or sales, your base expenses will still stay the same. Your expenses when it comes to storage will also only change based on the number of pallets or units you have in the provider’s storage facility.