Escape rooms together with their puzzles have undergone a lot of changes ever since the first one was invented in Japan. All these changes are designed to make the gaming experience even better in order to give players a good run for their money. One of the most notable changes in Escape games is the incorporation of modern technology into the industry. This new technology has made escape games better since players are totally immersed in a different world that they could only dream about.


Getting the most out of an Escape game will mean relying on a company that is well known for offering efficient services. However, settling on a good escape room company is not that easy since there are so many firms that claim to offer brilliant services. Fortunately, there are a few companies such as Breakout Games- St Louis Escape Rooms which can now be relied upon by players. With these companies, you are sure to get a memorable experience that will always linger in your mind forever.


History of Escape Rooms

Generation 1 Escape Rooms

The first type of escape rooms had a humble beginning with the puzzles only consisting of technological marvels. These rooms relied on simple mechanisms such as lock boxes, padlocks and magnets which are now out-dated. Props that were relied upon back then did not restore any advanced knowledge as is the case with the current ones which are quite hard to master.

With their simplicity, escape room owners were forced to add more tools in order to make them creative and appealing.


Generation 2 Escape Rooms

As the popularity of escape rooms continued to grow, owners stated making use of basic electronics sensors and controllers in addition to this, escape rooms started adapting more sound and light systems in order for the stories to progress quite well. Lock boxes became a thing of the past as they were replaced by more triggered mechanisms.


Generation 3 Escape Rooms

The third generation escape rooms relied on sensors, electronics and many more technological innovations. This new era saw the replacement of padlocks with computers which made designers to think more about automated puzzles and scenarios. Despite having these changes, the third generation escape rooms did not have the smartness and uniqueness as evident with the present ones.


Generation 4 Escape Rooms

Future escape rooms are expected to be fully automated while at the same time making use of strategies which are easy to adapt. It is also expected that the rooms will thin the line between virtuallity and reality. However, only time can tell how the future technology will impact on escape rooms.


The generation that you wish to settle on will depend on your financial muscle and how well you want to serve your clients. To be on the safe side, you should consider getting an Escape room business marketing director to help you out. This has been proven to work with reputable directors like Drew Roberts making the escape room business flourish.