Most people don’t take a lot of time to think about the sheer amount of junk that we deal with on a daily basis, and perhaps that’s a good thing. If you realized all the many thousand of tonnes of garbage we dispose of every year, just with basic household trash, it would blow your mind. We have all sorts of disposal methods available, but many of these methods are dangerously close to no longer being viable, and so things like recycling and proper garbage disposal are becoming more essential than ever. Having a way to dispose of your junk is important. We’re not just talking about the trash that’s picked up from in front of your house; we mean those broken pieces of furniture, the old TVs, and other sorts of garbage that won’t be taken the same as normal trash. So if you have garbage around that has piled up, it might be time to call in the professionals to handle it for you.

Though this does bring up another issue: Cost. Not everyone can afford to have their junk hauled away, especially if it’s expensive. However, it often depends on the company you choose to manage your garbage, for somers point dumpster rental┬ácan be the ideal company to sort out any garbage problem at a very affordable price. Garbage removal is something many of us need, though still in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s not as if everyone has disposable income available for such a job. The good news is that the best junk removal businesses in the nation know this, and so they’re very fair and flexible with their prices, so that everyone wins. But how much will one of these services cost, exactly?


The Cost of Junk Removal

To be perfectly clear here, we are not able to tell you exactly what a junk removal service will cost you. There are quite a few reasons for this. This might not be the sort of article a lot of you wanted to read, but just put this in any other context to understand why it’s impossible to give you a set price. Imagine asking how much a pizza costs. Sure, we could tell you that the average large pizza costs around $20, but there are too many things to take into account to have this be a set price. The size of the pizza, the number of toppings, the place from which you order; these are all important factors that will help to determine price, just like with a quality garbage removal service like The Junk Movement.

There is an average price, however. You’re usually looking at a couple of hundred dollars per load. Most people do not need a full load; perhaps not even close to it. They can have all of their junk removed with something like an eighth of a load, which will run on average a little over $100. Again, these are just averages. There is no real way to tell you how much your particular junk removal is going to be. It all depends on a lot of different and competing factors.

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Services That Dictate the Cost

To understand how the pricing options are going to work for you, here are just a few of the many variables involved with junk removal that are going to necessarily move the needle on your bill in total.


Household Waste

Household waste is likely the cheapest sort of junk that you’re going to have removed by a professional company. Though it’s also one of the rarest instances. Generally speaking, people who require household waste removal are people who live way out beyond the reach of public municipalities and thus do not have their basic trash hauled away on a weekly basis. It’s their own responsibility to get rid of their trash, and it might just stack up until it becomes too much to handle.

Though also included in the household waste option is your basic household list of items. This might include an old recliner that broke and needs to be thrown out, or a dog mattress that has been soiled one too many times. In other words, basic junk that you have from your home, but junk that the public disposal service will not take away. These items are going to be small in total, in relation to a truck’s load capacity, so you won’t be paying much more than the minimum charge for a pickup, which is typically around $100, give or take.


Commercial Waste

Dealing with commercial waste is going to cost more, primarily because there’s generally much more of it. Instead of a basic house, think of something like a factory. All of the garbage that a house can accumulate in a week, multiply that by an order of magnitude. You’re typically dealing with a whole lot of garbage in the commercial industry. This could be the aforementioned factory, or perhaps restaurants, private schools, etc. These places can accumulate a whole lot of garbage, and you may be looking at something closer to a full truckload to haul it away.

If this is the case and the commercial junk requires an entire load, then you may be looking more around the $500 mark. It depends on the company and the type of junk it is, too; there are no prices that are totally set in stone.


Dangerous and Bulky Waste

To be clear here, when we say “dangerous” waste, we in no way mean toxic waste! This is stuff that a reputable junk removal company does not deal with, so they are not going to haul away materials that are actually harmful or toxic. What we mean by dangerous is more like jagged edges, sharp objects, and things of this nature. Construction materials like nails and screws, broken glass, etc. How long it takes to load it up, and the process of loading, are also factors that will impact the bottom line here. It’s not as if it’s the same charge to toss a ready-made bag into a truck as it is to pick through nails and scrap car doors.

If you really want to know how much your junk removal is going to cost you, then make sure you locate a good company and contact them to speak about it. They will tell you everything you need to know, so you can make an informed decision.