The online gambling sector is definitely one of the most profitable sectors worldwide. In fact, it’s worth over $60 billion in 2020, while many experts estimate that it will reach a worth of $92.9 billion worldwide in 2023. However, even as its popularity rises, especially thanks to the advent of smartphones, there are still some governments around the world that impose restrictions and bans on online gambling, or gambling in general.

If you’re wondering whether it’s legal to play casino games online in the USA, here we provide an in-depth overview of the online gambling sector in the states and specific restrictions that you should be aware of.

Online Gambling and the Federal Law

First and foremost, online gambling is legal under US federal law. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can play casino games on a US-based online casino. But, it’s completely legal to gamble on casino sites set up outside the US that have appropriate gambling licenses. That said, each state is free to regulate this sector as they see fit. A good example is the state of Nevada, which was the first state to legalize online poker in 2013, which means Nevada online poker is not only completely legal, but it’s thriving here. The traditional casinos can also offer online poker sites to the residents of Nevada.

Of course, Nevada residents that want to play other casino games can find a plethora of reputable casino sites licensed aboard. On the other hand, some states like Hawaii and Utah have fully banned online gambling, as any other forms of gambling, while other states have put specific restrictions in place. For example, the advertising of online casino sites is prohibited.

The Appeal of Online Casino Sites

Overall, online gambling is legal, but there are differences from state to state. Most of the states have realized this is a booming sector that has a lot of economic potential, which means that they generally expressed a more accepting view of this industry. Some notable examples include New Jersey, Indiana, West Virginia, and Delaware.

When it comes to New Jersey, online gambling is legal, including sports betting, online casino sites, as well as online poker sites. Actually, the gambling sector in New Jersey was worth $2.64 billion in 2020. When it comes to the other states, most of them have legalized online gambling in 2019, and 2020, while others are expected to do so in 2021.

Moreover, there’s a great number of states that are looking to expand the current legislative framework and create more options for operators and residents in the following years, such as Louisiana, Massachusetts, California, Maryland, New York, among others.

Final Thoughts

Today playing casino games on your smartphone or betting is conveniently accessible on your mobile devices. There are a lot of possibilities thanks to tech innovations for even further development of this sector. Also, it is getting highly popular not just in the USA but also worldwide.

Furthermore, there are plenty of benefits of land-based casinos to reach an entirely new audience by offering casino games online, for example. Hence, it’s safe to say that more governments are looking to pass legislation and regulate this sector.