If you have been thinking of renovating your house but have been thinking about the cost of refurbishment then it depends on the level of renovation you want to have at your place. If you are thinking of renovating a few parts of the house then you can even get the work done for $50k. if you want to renovate your whole house consists of three bedrooms with a terrace then it will cost you about $50k-$75k. Still, the amount will vary according to your renovation plans.

How can you stick to your renovation budget?

For renovation work, you have to be careful while choosing the company for the renovation job. The refurbishment cost is going to be different for different companies and the number of workers you are going to get the work done. Here are few tips that will help you to stick your refurbishment work so your budget won’t get disturbed:

  1. Your budget

How much budget you have for the renovation work? You don’t have to get a loan from the bank or someone else for this work. First, you need to write down your budget on paper so you will be able to write the renovation work plans. Once you know your budget you can get the work done under that budget. Even if not all the things get done at once you can leave the rest of the renovation for later. You have to stay within your budget because it is better than paying loans and interests later.

  1. Pen down renovation requirements

You know your budget but how are you going to handle the renovation requirements? You need to renovate the bedroom and washroom but you are also thinking about renovating your kitchen tiles. You might get confused about whether you need to get the bedroom renovation work done first or the rest. It would be better if you start writing down the renovation list. This is how you will be able to know how much you are going to need for all the renovation work.

  1. Prioritize your list

You are done with the budget-making and list for the renovation but your list won’t get completed in the budget you have then how you are going to deal with this? You need to prioritize your renovation requirements. You must put the most important refurbishment work on the top and then write the others. Get the important work done at first that you think won’t upset your budget. Rest you can leave it for later when you will have more money.

  1. Stay on the sight

You hired a company for the refurbishment work but you don’t pay attention to what they have been doing or how they have been doing their job. You might end up paying a heavy amount as a refurbishment cost if you don’t stay on the sight. So you better stay on the sight just to have a look at what laborers have been doing and ask them to complete their work before the dealing.



You need to make a budget first and write down all the necessary renovation work that needs to get done first. This is how you will be able to stick to your budget. You can leave the unnecessary renovation work for later just to get done with important ones.