It was not long ago that businesses saw the Internet as a mere accessory to their operations. Today, that has changed for most industries. Modern business owners are now fully aware of how social media connects them to their consumers. This is why the businesses that do not have a Facebook page or Twitter account are seen as less reputable than companies that do.


Much More than It Seems

Social media is a way for consumers to communicate with the business world. It is a way for them to express their approval as well as vent their grievances. This is the surface layer of social media marketing. There is much more that can be leveraged than what is present on the front page designed for use by Facebook or Twitter. Even the analytical tools that these companies provide only scratch the surface of what a dedicated digital analytics company can achieve.


How Social Media Changed Marketing Forever

Social media is also a way to influence consumers. In fact, influencer marketing is one of the most impactful ways to improve a brand. This is true regardless of the medium of measurement used. Influencer marketing changed the business world. It put social media accounts on prime time news. Celebrities now actively endorse products rather than just staring in a commercial. Influencer marketing is also a driving force behind celebrities having their own brands. The fact that influential people can develop a company that harbors their values and ensure its success by the movies they produce or positions of power that they hold did not exist before social media.


What is Social Media Listening

Before a brand can influence its consumers, it must know what they want. Modern companies are aware of this. It is why they monitor their social media accounts rather than just posting the latest product releases or event and promotional offers. However, monitoring the replies and likes to a Facebook and/or Twitter account is not the same as social media listening. This strategy involves careful planning and analysis of marketing data.

Social media listening is about understanding the perceptions of the consumers of a particular brand. This is not as easy as it seems. Even the most seemingly insignificant details, such as color shadings, or events occurring across the globe, may dramatically influence a brand. In marketing, listening involves strategies that factor in the overall health of a brand. Influencer marketing is only one tool at the disposal of marketers. Artificial intelligence can be used to increase the returns on investment for customer acquisition, launching new products, and making customer care costs more efficient. These are holistic approaches that leverage every aspect of an operations (i.e. crisis management).


About NetBase

NetBase specializes in analytical strategies that leverage social media listening. The company has a proven track record and an advanced AI to help companies reach their goals. A dedication to excellence helps NetBase stand out among other analytics companies. Though, what really makes NetBase special is its ground up approach to custom solutions.

In a world where products are increasingly expected to be personal, consumers are more demanding than ever. Add to that rapidly occurring and disappearing trends, and custom solutions become the obvious approach for modern day marketing. Effective customs solutions are not easy to achieve. This is even truer when considering the deployment speeds need in today’s online marketplace. These factors (and more) are why NetBase solutions are so much in need. The innovative company brings order to the chaos and helps ensure returns on investments.