How Offline Branding of Your Business helps your Site’s SEO

Before starting, let’s get clear about the terms:


2)Offline branding



  1. Branding

Branding is a strategy to create awareness about the product. It not only leaves a memorable impression on consumers but also allows the consumer to know and expect more from the company. Online branding is done by creating online campaigns, paid/unpaid ads, images, graphic logo and many more.


  1. Offline Branding

Offline branding is an advertisement strategy which is released entirely outside the internet. We are branding about the company through offline mediums such as radio, newspapers, television, billboards and many more.


  1. SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.

It is a process of marketing in which the user optimizes his/her website using relevant keywords and phrases to increase the visibility in the search engine results.


How does it work?

Search engine spider will crawl different websites to understand better the site. Crawling helps them to deliver more relevant content to the user searching for a specific topic/product. Backlinks also play an important role in determining the rank of any keywords in search results pages. If you need a helping hand for the same you can take the help of blogger outreach service companies. Using appropriate keywords helps to increase the rank and provide appropriate

Offline branding has a significant and vital role in SEO as it increases awareness among the people not only through online marketing.

Using various offline marketing strategy such as business cards, advertising hoardings, a custom radio ad etc. makes the user to effectively search for the company/product/content on the internet.


How offline branding helps your website SEO

  • Building More Useful Connection

The connection is nothing but a pool of potential customers. If we know a group of 30 people, then we can easily find 5-8 people who might be interested in buying the product, there might also be several people who wouldn’t mind going through the website if the site is appropriate and solves user doubts. It should be easy to understand. That will decrease the bounce rate and will help in gaining more popularity in online ranking.

  • More Publicity

People believe what they see, what they hear, and so publicity is significant.

Offline branding can be done by creating campaigns, and if that campaign is successful, people are more approachable online and offline about that campaign.


For example: If you have a clothing business you can announce a discount offer through offline marketing such as an ad on the radio, distributing pamphlets to your customer and locals, you can give instruction form about how they can reach you online, shop online and avail extra discount on writing a review of you.


Here creating awareness about your shop through distributing pamphlets is an offline marketing method through which user will search for you online and by this it will increase the traffic on your website. User who writes good review will make seek the attention of the search engine crawler, and it will increase your rank online.

As more number of people search for a particular advertisement online. It makes people go through the website, which in the backend increases the traffic on the site, which further increases the visibility on search engine results.


SEO is not entirely dependent only on offline or online branding but both.

To increase the rank in the search engine results or traffic on website marketing(offline or online) is essential.

Based on specific keywords, SEO can create good traffic and ultimately, the revenue for the e-commerce site can be affected. You can see many e-commerce sites that get success in SEO to get more traffic. Links and created directories can improve traffic per site. It is essential to maintain a position in search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. You can take the help of companies like Degions for the same.

A search engine optimizer will need to find new keywords and work on specific keywords to get fresh traffic.

Many SEO tools are useful to get articles or text submissions automatically. Many search engine optimizers use a shortcut to get good results, but eventually, they are stuck under the crawler.

The ultimate goal for website owners and SEO is to get traffic and to appear on the first five pages of search engines and to maintain online positive and get repeat users on their website.


So wisely pick up an offline and online branding strategy which will help your product/company/article to boost up and smartly select the target audience to decrease the bounce rate on your website”.