When it comes to car repair, every mechanic would tell you that engine swaps or finding cheap engines is not easy. However, the good news is that it is completely possible to find a cheap engine for the project. In fact, it is easier to find an engine than to install it. Firstly, before venturing onto the internet to search for a cheap engine, it is vital to know which type of engine you want to buy. What is your budget? Do you want a gasoline engine or a diesel engine? Is quality more important than price or vice versa? What vehicle are you using? Is it a Land Rover, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, Chevy or a BMW? In reality, websites are flooded with used engines and it can be difficult to find the right engine.

Write down the production date of the vehicle, the engine code and the VIN to find a replacement engine that meets the criteria. Luckily, there are many new and used engines that can be purchased for auto parts dealers online. Even if you prefer the old days where you would search the junkyard for parts, those days are over as everyone has moved to the internet. Hence, the internet is your best bet when it comes to finding used engines or any other auto parts.

  1. eBay

eBay is one of the most popular online shopping websites that features just about everything, from old superman comic books to used engines. It is the ultimate website for finding used items. You will easily find diesel engines, used engines and cheap engines depending on what you are looking for. The platform has been designed in such a way so as to allow users to sort the engine on the basis of its type and the condition of the engine, delivery method, available warranty, price and condition. Make sure to enter sufficient detail of what you are looking for on eBay for the best results. Once you find the used engine you like, you can either buy it directly or bid on the engine.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

In recent times, Facebook Marketplace has made a name for itself. Communication with the used engine dealer/ sealer is a breeze when one uses the platform as a significant amount of hassle is removed. Facebook defines the platform as a place where people discover, purchase and sell things within their local community. The feature allows you to buy used engines within your area for the best price.

  1. LKQ Online

Known for being one of North America’s largest online providers of used auto parts for light-duty trucks and cars, LKQ Online is the ultimate platform to find used engines for the best rates. The main visitors on the website are buyers that are looking for replacement parts for collision repair or their damaged vehicles. However, the extensive inventory of auto parts on the website can be quite overwhelming. It does make it an excellent website for finding used engines and other auto parts.

  1. Got Engines

Being one of the cheapest places to buy used engines online, Got Engines is the ultimate website for finding online a wholesaler. The platform allows users to easily select the exact type of used engine that they want. With an extensive inventory, Got Engines makes finding used engines an easy task. Only the most aggressive pricing practices are followed on the website.

Free delivery, warranty and even a live customer service line is offered to figure out which used engine you need. Customers are encouraged to speak with any of their tech experts to find out what they need.

  1. SW Engines

Claiming to have the largest and most comprehensive database for used engines; SW Engines boast a high customer satisfaction rate. The website is quite similar to Got Engines as shoppers get to sort by model and made of vehicle so as to find the cheapest used engine with ease. Furthermore, there are used engine reviews on the website as well to help you decide which engine you need.

  1. Automotix

Anyone looking to buy cheap engines, engines or used engines will find Automotix to be a great shopping destination. It features engines from all types of make and models. It is a comprehensive website which allows users to filter through the hundreds of engines that are listed on the website.

  1. Auto Gator

A full-service auto recycle is something that Auto Gator is well-known for. It makes finding the right used engine for your car as easy as scrolling through a page. Thousands of used engines are available on the website for cheap. They ship to continental United States. Find the used engine that you need on the website.

  1. Weller Auto Parts

Being an auto salvage company, Weller Auto Parts offers users with an extensive selection of used engines as well as refurbished and cheap engines as well as engine parts. The website even has a store on eBay. One of the best things about Weller is the fact that it guarantees to help you find the right engine even if it is not on their website as they work with 1,500 industry partners.

  1. Usedpart.us

UsedPart.us is one of the cheapest used engine websites. It offers users with competitive rates for used car engines. In case you are not sure about which used engine to buy, you can use one of its web pages which showcase the most popular and sold used engines and more. The website has an easy to use user-interface which allows you to easily find the engine that you need.

  1. Power Train Direct

Power Train Direct provides cheap used engines. The widest range of used car engines are available on the website that cater to different consumer tastes regarding remanufactured engines, rebuilt engines and used engines. Warranty coverage is provided to users and the leading industry low prices can be found on the website. There is just about something for every budget on the website.