Many companies are focusing more on online marketing to help grow their business. One major reason for this shift from traditional TV, print, and radio marketing is the ability to target a specific group of people and actually measure the results. This is a privilege traditional means of marketing is unable to provide. And it is also cheaper. Wondering how it works? Here are a few ways online marketing can help your business grow. 

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) 

According to Alexa, an online analytics service, the number #1 most popular website is Google. That is no surprise. Google has been the most popular site for many years. This is because when people need to search for anything, they ‘ask’ Google. For that reason, Google also uses its search engine for advertisement. This is where you want to be seen. It is a very competitive space that every business wants. That is why you need to hire an online marketing bureau such as Team Nijhuis who is a Google Partner to help your business. Team Nijhuis is the number #2 digital agency in the Netherlands. Through SEA, Team Nijhuis will set up a professional Google AdWords campaign to promote your online shop. This will increase your business visibility through paid advertising.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Much like SEA, SEO aims to increase visibility although organic search. When customers search for solutions, they use specific keywords. Websites that contain these keywords have a better chance of being ‘discovered’ than those who do not. The professionals at Team Nijhuis will consult with you and come up with a strategic SEO campaign that will allow your website to be easily found at the top of the first page on Google. As a Google Partner, Team Nijhuis uses a proprietary SEO check technology that allows businesses to scan their website and get a detailed analysis. The SEO check highlights areas that need improvement. This service is free and without any commitments. 

Inbound Marketing 

Team Nijhuis is also a HubSpot Partner, a global leader in online marketing technology. A major challenge of many businesses is that after implementing SEA and SEO, visitors simply browse through the website then leave without taking any action. With inbound marketing, you can drastically improve your conversion rate. Your visitors will become your customers. Inbound marketing pulls your customers closer to you because through your content, they see that you care about them and are willing to continuously value long after the point of sale. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a daily routine for many people. Millions of prospective customers are on various social media platforms. Your business can open up a new stream of customers by simply increasing its brand awareness on social media. You can also use it as customer care outlets.


The interesting thing about online marketing bureaus is that they do not grow if your business does not grow. This is why Team Nijhuis will go the extra mile to ensure your business grows through online marketing. It is also the reason why Team Nijhuis is one of the best in the country. With online marketing, the opportunities are endless.