Laundry is not a task that a Singaporean would want to do after ending a tedious day of work at 5:00 in the evening. Already tired, you would be exhausted if you try cleaning your own clothes. Availing commercial laundry services is a sensible option, especially when the Singaporean market is full of companies providing excellent laundry services.
Here’s our top three for getting your laundry done. Residents, tourists, and business-travelers alike they can please anyone with their services.
1.  Singapore Laundry: One of the leading providers of laundry and household cleaning services in Singapore, they are trusted by many. Singapore laundry is among the best because it provides best-in-class services delivered by well-trained personnel. Customers are offered the flexibility of pick up and drop. This is a massive value-add for working professionals who may not be available at home always.
Singapore Laundry has two offerings – Laundry and Dry cleaning with the latter being a tad more expensive than the former. Laundry charges for apparel, both men and women, ranging from $4 to $8 per garment.
Apart from laundry, this company provides dry cleaning, ironing, house cleaning, and air conditioner cleaning services. Customers interested in using a shared washing machine can avail their laundromat services. For availing this service, customers need to pay a fee every time they use a washing machine.
Customers must know that a total order value less than $35 would attract a transport fee of $35 for the pickup and drop service. Above this amount, the company does not levy any charge.
The schedule of charges is clearly mentioned on their website
Contact: They can be reached via phone on their 24-hour number: +65 6844 0554
2.  @bsolute Laundry: Another trusted provider of laundry services, they provide laundry and dry-cleaning services at competitive prices. They, too, provide pick up and drop facility.
Absolute laundry uses chemicals that are soft and harmless for clothes and environment. The company claims that customers get significant advantages when they use professional cleaning services. Reduced shrinkage, protection of color and fabric and, better cleaning are some of these advantages. Washing at home may not yield such results.
Absolute laundry can do a variety of jobs for the customer. Apart from apparel, they cater to curtains, bed sheets, sofas, and carpets.
This cleaning services provider differentiates itself by offering insurance. Anything damaged during cleaning will be the responsibility of the company, and the customer will be paid for the damages. This is a rare scenario because they use well-trained professionals and modern equipment for all their jobs.
Customers with high-value items like sarees, bridal-wear, and party-dresses can avail their services without worrying.
Absolute laundry is truly a jack-of-all-trades. It is also a licensed provider of maid-hiring services. Individuals who require a variety of work to be done can hire a maid on an hourly basis instead of paying a considerable amount for individual services.
You can visit their website for more information specific to your needs.
3.  Mrs Laudry: This is one provider who shouldn’t be missed when you’re thinking of a laundry service provider. A highly professional service, Mrs Laundry has competitive prices for cleaning your clothes.
They use safe and tested materials to clean your clothes, thereby increasing longevity. Like many other providers, they offer ironing services and dry cleaning too.
Pickup and drop facility is impressive with the company promising to deliver ironed clothes within one day. Those who wash clothes at home can go for this service to get those wrinkles out of their apparel.
Clothes are not their only forte. They cater to carpets, rugs, bedsheets, and towels too. If you want to get your curtains cleaned, they will do it right away at your place. Company’s workers bring sophisticated equipment to handle all your work.
Looking forward to getting that greasy stain removed from your favorite top?
Call Mrs Laundry at +65 9228 8444.
Netizens may view their price list here:
Users of social media aren’t ignored, either. Mrs Laundry has a Facebook presence as well.
Tourists and travelers are advised to go through the terms and conditions of these services properly before availing any. Lack of information may cause delay and dent that much-wanted vacation.
Go ahead, try these services. You will surely like it.