How Online Tools And Current Technologies Help Architects And The Real Estate Industry?

Technology has changed our lives forever. No industry has been spared by technological advances. If you are an architect or work in the real estate industry, there are plenty of online tools and current technologies that you can use to unleash your full potential. Although the real estate industry has been slow to adopt new trends as compared to other industries. It is finally catching up. This post takes a closer look at the hottest technological developments so that you can benefit from them. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

  1. AR & VR

As smartphones have been embraced by just about everyone, it is important to make the most of them. AR and VR technology has finally entered the real estate industry and it is offering many unique solutions. There is huge potential for endless possibilities with the technology. It facilitates virtual commerce, virtual instructions for tenants, visualization of architectural work, virtual staging, virtual property showcasing, and provides builders as well as buyers with a much better perspective of products.

  1. Location Tracking

The real estate market has started to utilize Google Maps for location tracking. Thus, you can make the most of tracking procedures to locate your property listings and help interested buyers locate them. You will notice that the technology has made real estate a lot more sophisticated. Now, interested tenants and buyers should have no trouble locating properties that are up for sale or rent.

  1. Security

In addition to making the real estate sector more sophisticated, current technologies have made it more secure. Homeowners, realtors, and architects can keep track of the property using the technology. There are even gate-keeping technologies which can be connected to control access of people that visit your property. It does not get better than this. Even pictures of people that visit you will be taken such as housekeeping and vendors as well as their footage to keep an eye on them.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology that the real estate industry has begun adopting extensively. PROPY is a startup that offers cryptocurrency payment options powered by blockchain technology. It aims to provide a transparent environment which makes it very convenient for anyone to monitor transactions all the way leading to the original owner.

  1. Architectural Mockup/ Visualization

Architect mockup visualization has become the hottest topic. Just about everyone seems to be talking about it, especially its benefits. There are plenty of platforms that help you take things to the next level. Now, you can make a mockup in real-life situation. See the mockup of the concrete construction site and walk through the property with ease.

  1. Construction Assistant

Ever wanted your very own construction assistant? It has now become a reality in the construction industry. Powered by augmented reality, the elements which tend to be hidden can be visualized. For instance, city construction workers will be able to visualize the exact plan of the sewage pipes and electricity plan of the entire city.

Moreover, construction workers will get to visualize the electricity plans for each room that requires refurbishing. Thus, time is saved as unnecessary drilling will be avoided. A general format is needed to make the most of it.

  1. Apartment Sell or Rent Visualization

The buying and renting market is huge. There are many ways through which homes have been presented for selling or renting in the past. However, with AR, you can showcase your home to people without having them over. This makes it extremely easy to sell or rent your home in recent times. Besides, it would make managing visitations a whole lot more manageable. Interested buyers and sellers will know the exact spot of the property and will be able to walk into it digitally.

  1. Mobile Applications

The real estate industry has seen the emergence of many new mobile apps which architects and realtors can use. One of the platforms that simplify the calculation of area is this unit converter. It allows you to quickly calculate the area of a space through conversion. You will be surprised by its accurate and speedy results. As the real estate market goes digital, there is no shortage of mobile applications that can be used. However, it is crucial that you use the right apps. Take advantage of the applications to live a stress-free life. You can use these apps to live on the go. The following are some interesting apps that you should check out.

  • Air Measure: It is a truly mesmerizing app that is similar to a ruler. Air Measure offers a fancy way to measure the area. All you have to do is point your smartphone follow its simple guidance to start measuring. It can even measure tricky parts such as edges and corners.
  • Magic Plan: An app for creating and editing floor plans. Now, architects and even realtors can use the app to complete job estimates, plan DIY projects, view a space in 3D, and more.
  • Street Peak Realtor App: Gather important information about a property with minimal effort using this app.
  • Astra Link: The construction industry is growing rapidly. Hence, there is a need to visualize your work for a quick demo. This is where Astra Link comes into place.
  • Real AR: Visualize your work as an architect using Real AR. It is designed to help you create your dream home/ project in a real environment.
  • Safety Compass: It allows workers to receive important information regarding their safety and visualizes it using AR. When working in a hazardous environment, it is the perfect app that one should use.
  • ARKI: Another app that is powered by augmented reality is ARKI. It showcases all your architectural projects in perfect augmented reality so that you can start working on your projects on the go.



Once you have gone over this post, you will know how online tools and current technologies are quickly changing the entire real estate industry and can start using them.