Journalist PR Outreach Tools To Check Out In 2020

If companies want to really embrace PR efforts, they need to invest in PR tools. Public Relations is a genuinely a numbers game and it is all about building relationships with a large number of media outlets and online reporters in order for them to write about relevant developments in their business.

While there are many ways to improve pitch open rates like personalization, A/B testing, etc. Journalist outreach PR tools combined with good SEO tools exist so that it makes contacting media outlets easier. So, which PR outreach tools should people use and how should companies use them?


Here are some Journalist PR outreach tools that companies can use which include; journalist search tools, data analysis tools, and reporter engagement tools.

Journalist Search Tools are ones that help companies find reporters/blogger that have already written similar articles that are related to the company’s industry. These type of search engines are more reliable than the typical Google search because it focuses and narrows it down to the list of media outlets that are relevant.

1) Pressfarm

Pressfarm is a PR tool and agency that has a lot of service, but it also features a comprehensive database of journalists and bloggers and all of their contact information. They have over 75,000 journalists and when customers signup for one of their packages, they can use their powerful, filter-based search engine and find their ideal match for their startup and target audience.

Their packages range from $90-$480 with their starter, launch, and campaign packages.


2) Mention

PR professional know how important Google Alerts are. Mention is a very powerful tool that lets company’s monitor what is going on on the web and on social media platforms in real time. It also allows companies to monitor results that are related to their company, a competitor or a keyword.

Mentions give people a lot of control over what kind of things they want to see in their alerts.

Plans start at $29/month



MuckRack is a platform that connects journalists with businesses. It helps companies build outreach lists, monitor what is being said about the company/competition. The platform will also send alerts when journalists write about topics that are related to the company’s industry.

They will also let companies determine the effectiveness of each journalist by providing data to see who is helping the content reach more people.

Data Analysis Tools are used to analyze valuable data about journalists/bloggers and display useful profiles about them. The media outlet’s profile contains everything from the history of the journalists to what they are doing at the moment. With the information obtained, companies for find the best strategy for influencer communication and which reporter is well suited for their niche.


4) CrystalKnows

CrystalKnows provide in-depth insight about influencers, it reveals a media outlet’s personality, what kind of language or tone they use and the ideal type of message that they prefer. It allows companies to figure out the type of media outreach to maximize chance of success. If companies mirror the tone, they have a better chance of building relationships.

Reporter Engagement Tools helps companies build a strong network with reporters and bloggers. They allow companies to manage their relationship with specific reporters, conduct personalized outreach and create networks.


5) HelpAReportOut (HARO)

It is a service that is set up for journalists looking for contributions from the public on particular issues. HARO is a great way to start relationships with journalists in a specific niche. It is also a great way to get quality backlinks.

When companies sign-up for HARO, they will receive a daily email with a list of questions from different media outlets. Once they send a response, the various media outlets can decide whether they want to include the company’s response in their article.

These tools will help companies stay ahead of the game in their PR efforts. There are many more out there and companies need to figure out which one best fits their needs. They are definitely not in it alone, they will also receive guidance where necessary.