Nowadays, offices are considering recycling things, but successful programs entirely depend on how the staff takes it and making it as easy as possible. Small and big companies and organizations are now implementing their recycling activities to make use of materials that can be used again, and the undamaged items filled up in landfills could be reduced. 

The efforts will not only make the environment better but also save a lot on business and give them an edge in retaining staff and attracting new customers. This being said, recycling programs need more effort than just putting some of the bins. To keep the team motivated, organizations and companies need to encourage recycling actively and show the results. 

The tips mentioned below can be helpful to promote recycling in the workplace:


  • Create the station


A recycling part is looking for the different ways to use goods again that can work but no one wants it. It is the best way to motivate employees working in the office to reuse items, be it a binder, old stapler, or monitor.

Easily set up a station at work by allotting a shared space such as the cupboard, shelf, or bookshelf where the staff can keep the items they don’t want anymore. Make sure to leave clear guidelines to drop items and encourage them to go through the stock before ordering something new. 


  • Publicize recycling efforts


To better respond to the program, it is better to display recycling signs near bins if you want to avoid confusion. You might also need to warn the staff about common items like paper coffee cups covered in plastic thrown in the recycling bin. 


  • Make a position of the bins efficiently


The position of office recycling bins can significantly impact the rate of recycling things. It has been found in the research that most people are going to recycle if the bins are situated in convenient places, primarily when they are near to usual waste bins. 

If the recycling bin is situated more than ten meters away from the regular bin, the rate of recycling will be the same as no recycling at all. Consider setting the waste collection points for the things that you want to recycle separately. 


  • Remove extra bins


If there will be a dustbin under every desk of the staff, or next to the workstation, there will be no point in situating the recycled bin as most of them will use the one near to them. Create centralized bin stations with bins for all different kinds of waste you produce and mark correctly. 

There are different ways to encourage useful waste management recycling method in your workplace, as there are various streams of waste that the office produces. If your office is not recycling things currently, changing the attitude of the company might take time. Use the tips above and start on the eco-friendly path.