The majority of Internet users use Google Chrome as their browser. The numerous updates as well as the fast loading times make it a good browser. However, when it comes to individual needs, even the best software cannot fulfill all the wishes of every user. To make your Chrome browser even better, extensions from other users and manufacturers can be helpful.

Tab Session Manager

This add-on can help to keep track of everything at all times. Namely, through this extension, all tabs can be saved and restored at any time. So you can save all tabs, which you need later. Especially helpful are the different sessions. You can save several tabs under one session, so that you have all the tabs you need at a glance at any time.

Password Manager

Password managers for the browser and for the desktop are a dime a dozen. But only a few are really helpful and secure. Good password managers are for example:


– Enpass Password Manager

– and the Avira Password Manager.


Both manage all passwords of websites, apps and programs securely and store them. Moreover, weak passwords are detected and can be replaced with stronger ones. The password generator also creates strong keys to reduce the risk of losing the account.

Print Friendly and PDF

This Chrome add-on is useful for those who need to print a lot or send a lot of PDF‘s via email. This tool automatically deletes annoying content on the page, such as advertising banners. In addition, you can adjust or delete individual text passages or images, graphics and other elements as you wish. This makes PDFs and letters look much more professional.

Ears Audio Toolkit

If on a website the advertisement is again much too loud, or a voice sounds consumed, the Ears Audio Toolkit can fix these problems. Using the icon at the top of the taskbar, the sound of each tab can be precisely adjusted.

Gmail Checker

This tool is certainly helpful for those who check every five minutes to see if a new email has arrived in their inbox. To solve this annoying waiting, the Gmail Checker is a good choice. In the browser, the icon of the extension is displayed at the top next to the taskbar. New emails are indicated by a small number next to the icon, so you don’t have to check your inbox every five minutes anymore.


If you regularly perform the same task in the browser, the iMacros extension can be helpful and save you a lot of time. With this program, annoying routine tasks will become obsolete. After downloading the add-on, it is necessary to record the routine work in the browser once. After that, iMacros executes these actions immediately by pressing a button. Thus, one can save a lot of time and effort at work.

Chrome Color Picker

This extension is intended for graphic and web designers. With just one click in the browser, the add-on determines the exact color. After all, remembering more than 16 million colors is impossible. Chrome Color Picker determines the color and can save it. If the color is to be inserted somewhere else afterwards, the tool can be very helpful.

The Great Suspender

To prevent long loading times and annoying crashes in the future, the extension “The Great Suspender” can be used. After downloading, the icon of the add-on appears in the taskbar. This can be used to control which tabs should be disabled for the time being in order to save system resources. The selected tabs are thus paused and consume fewer resources. All important tabs can still remain open by whitelisting them.

Lazy Tabs

Similar to “The Great Suspender”, the “Lazy Tabs” extension also works. If all possible favorite pages are loaded as well when Chrome starts up, the loading process can drag on quite a bit. The add-on prevents this by displaying the remaining pages, but not loading them yet. Only when you click on the tab, the page loads. This speeds up the startup process and also reduces the memory consumption of the Google browser.

If the normal Google logo is too boring when starting the browser, the extension can help. The tool can be used to personalize the browser’s start page. The latest news, notes, social media pages and links, as well as favorite Internet sites, can appear on the start page. Also, the layout and design of the start page, as well as the background can be set.


The extension Dashone can be used as an extension to While with “” the start page can be made fancier, with Dashone the “new tab” page can be made more individual. Different themes and services can thus be included on the page from the new tab.

Google Arts and Culture

If you prefer not to see an individual page at startup, then maybe a nice art picture. With the extension “Google Arts and Culture” a picture of an artist appears at startup. Not only classical works like by Monet or similar, but also modern pictures appear here on the screen.

Quick Note

The name of the extension Quick Note keeps its promise. With this add-on, notes can be saved for later. If something interesting is discovered while surfing the browser, such as an article, information or a link, it can be copied and pasted into the note via the icon. Afterwards, the note can be accessed and used at any time.