Work site planning and development involve making critical decisions that impact the safety of your crew as well as the time involved with completing projects. Out of all of the tools that your crew uses, the surveying equipment is among the most important for helping to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Using RTK GPS technology provides significant benefits for improving your work environment so that every project is successful and completed in a timely manner.


Improve Safety at the Work Sites

Worker safety is critical, and you can use systems with RTK to dramatically reduce the chances of on-the-job injuries. The data from these systems can be accessed remotely, which allows your crew to leave potentially hazardous areas for more extended periods of time once the systems are set up. The setup team will also like the fact that RTK equipment is lightweight and compact, which means that they are less likely to get injured, transporting it to the work site. In fact, base systems and rovers often take up only a small amount of space once they are disassembled for storage and transport. The accuracy of the system also makes it possible for work crews to assess construction sites to identify potential hazards in the path of their vehicles so that they are less likely to experience a collision.


Open Up the Option for Aerial Surveying

There are many natural bodies of land and water in Canada that are not safely accessible for people to traverse on foot or in a vehicle. For these areas, drones are an effective way to conduct aerial surveying that can reduce the number of human resources that must be forced to go into treacherous conditions. An RTK-based GPS navigational system can open up access for your work crew to these sites by working with drones and other forms of aerial surveying equipment. This allows the opportunity to take your surveying operations to new heights without sacrificing accuracy or anyone’s safety. Getting real-time data about the location of the drone while it is in flight is an asset to any work environment that includes rugged or treacherous terrain that includes areas where your team might not be able to physically reach to set up their equipment.

Reduce the Time Spent on Data Collection

Real-time location information dramatically improves the ability for crew members of construction projects to quickly find the data that they need to continue with their work. Instead of waiting for weeks to get precise information, machinery operators and other professionals can easily get essential data about the job site that allows them to proceed with their operations. An RTK system is equipped with options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, UHF and cellular communication connectivity that makes it possible to access data from the smartphone and other electronics that work efficiently in the field. The difference between being able to move forward with a decision immediately versus having to wait for data to come in days later makes a significant difference in the turnover rate time-sensitive projects.

When it comes to speeding up your project team’s daily operations and improving their performance, you can’t go wrong with up-to-date RTK GPS equipment that utilizes advanced technology for its fullest advantages. As with any upgrade, make sure that your team is trained on how to use the equipment efficiently, and choose quality systems that are known to function well in the environment that your projects take place in.