Are you noticing that your website is not getting as much traffic as you would like? If so, there is no reason to panic. You don’t need to pay for digital agencies or shut down the website. By following these simple web design tips, you can increase traffic to your site.


A Responsive Web Design

Not having a responsive web design can only lead to reduced traffic. Modern websites are all responsive and support mobile devices, such as phones and pads. This is arguably the most crucial web design update that can make a significant impact on traffic. You can also take graphic design services from a reputed company.

With the continued increase in mobile phone and pads usage, it makes sense that your website has to be adaptable. If it is not, it will be obsolete and irrelevant to users, who will jump off your site to find one that is more readable and interactive.


Speed It Up

Let’s face it: nobody loves a slow website. And while the average internet user thinks it is more to do with their internet provider’s speed, your website can impact the loading time. You can speed it up and make it perform better by implementing these methods:

  • Declutter irrelevant plugins that have no use for your website. It will only slow down the loading time.
  • Optimize your images to reduce the bandwidth. Making your images smaller, can reduce the bandwidth required to upload your site, therefore speeding up the loading time.
  • Whether your website is built with HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, code can be “minified”, thereby removing any unnecessary characters.
  • Find a web host that works for your needs. Not only web hosts are the same, so make sure you do your research and find one that delivers, not just promises, fast load times.


Include Social Buttons On Your Site

Each external link you include to your site helps build its authority. Of course, it depends on which site you’re linking to. Firstly, if you do have any external links on your website, remove them immediately, as they can be damaging your SEO rankings.

Now, with a clean website, you can add the critical links that will increase traffic to your site: social media platforms. By adding social buttons, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, you are creating a valuable link to a dominant site that will be recognized on Google. These links will help increase traffic to your website over the long-term.

Get Engaging With Your Design

The more engaging, interactive and visually-alluring your site is, the better it will resonate with your audience. Make your design is as engaging as possible, with enough white space, eye-popping images, and content, so that your users will be hooked when they visit it.

More importantly, the more thought you put into the structure of your website design, the better it will work on Google. The search engine will pick up that your site is a valuable one, increasing your rankings, and therefore, encouraging more online traffic.

With these web design tips, you can maximize the amount of traffic to your website. Slowly implement them to ensure that your website reaches the high-levels it should.