Going to college is a dream that many of us hold. However, it is an expensive dream that not many of are able to actualize in real life. This is where the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship comes into place. Students who are struggling to manage college debt can turn to the scholarship program to seek much-needed respite. It can be tough paying tuition fees in the United States which is why it makes sense to find help.

What Is the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship?

Born in Connecticut, Jasdeep Singh was raised by two amazing parents who emigrated in the 1970s from India. It was education that helped open doors for them. Thus, Jasdeep Singh is grateful for the education that he received and wants to give back to other students. The Jasdeep aims to provide support to two students who want to pursue their dreams of getting a post-secondary degree.

Jasdeep Singh is currently an MBA student at UConn. He holds multiple degrees from the University of Hartford and the University of Connecticut. College debt places a huge burden on students and their families. The burden continues to pile up on students long after they have graduated. It is with this in mind that the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship was created in memory of his parents who worked hard to ensure that Jasdeep received a quality education.

Students who qualify for the scholarship will be able to realize their dream of attending college with less of a burden. With the average student loan debt amounting $31,000, a college degree from even a low-cost college can cost a lot of money. In reality, many students tend to take up loans that cost over $75,000. This makes it even more difficult for students to payback their debt after graduating.

Starting in a new profession with a huge burden can take a toll on one’s earnings and rob younger generations out of financial stability. This results in less disposable income for saving and eventually purchasing a house or starting a family.

Why Students Should Apply for the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship?

As students are aware of the current situation, applying for a scholarship has become crucial. The Jasdeep Singh Scholarship is a scholarship offered to students who strive to reach new heights but do not have the financial means required for going to college.

By applying for the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship, students become one step closer to graduating. Students with the least social support in college will find the scholarship to be extremely helpful. The scholarship is ideal for students who are the first in their family to get a college degree in the United States.

Jasdeep had parents who truly valued education and the scholarship is based on the principles that his parents instilled in him. Two deserving students will be provided with financial support to pursue their desired degree.

Who Is the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship Suitable For?

Although everyone is welcome to apply for the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship, it is perfect for first generation of college attendees and first generation immigrants. Asha Singh and Iqbal Singh are the two parents who Jasdeep Singh grew up aspiring to be like. They both knew the power of education and ensured that Jasdeep got the education necessary for him to follow his dreams.

Everyone deserves a chance to study and succeed in their life. With the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship, it is possible for aspiring students to avail the opportunity to go to college. The award is open to every incoming college freshman as well as sophomore who comes from a family where nobody studied further.

If you are passionate about studying at college and getting into a career that fulfils your potential, you will find the scholarship to provide you with the support you need to make it happen. Applicants can be attending any four-year or two-year accredited school. Going to college just got a whole lot easier with the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship. It is vital that you submit your application as you might just get lucky. Then, you will be one step closer to reaching your dreams. Remember, there is nothing stopping you from becoming the person that you want to become.

The scholarship is designed for everyone. It will be awarded to two students who truly deserve the support needed to get a degree. We all know how difficult it can be to fund further studies, especially considering the current economic situation. This is why it is important that you look for different options. Apply for the scholarship to find out if you have what it takes to pursue your dreams.

How to Apply for the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship?

Applying for the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship is rather straightforward. The scholarships are worth $1,000 each. The first will be granted to a resident of Connecticut. The second will be awarded to a resident from any state in the United States.


  • Sophomore or incoming freshman.
  • Be the first person in the family to attend a non-profit post-secondary school that is accredited.

Materials Required for Entry

Before you take a look at the materials that are required for entry, make sure that all of the items are submitted together in PDF format.

  • Signed personal statement
  • Essay
  • Proof of state residency of the Applicant (i.e. state/ federal ID, school letter, utility bill, etc)
  • Proof of enrolment/ acceptance (i.e. transcript, message/ official letter, schedule)

If you are not accepted by January 15, the award will be given upon submission of evidence of acceptance.

Essay Topic

The essay topic (650 words limit) that applicants need to write about is mentioned below.

  • Why do you want to attend college? What do you aspire to achieve from the educational experience?


Now that you know everything about the Jasdeep Singh Scholarship, it is about time that you wrote an essay and personal statement and submitted them in PDF along with all the documents mentioned above.