Are you a fan of esports? Chances are that you are looking for a way to watch esports online in order to try your luck on 호스트바. Nothing is more fun than watching your favorite esports. It is the perfect way to make the most of your time, especially during the current pandemic. You might think that major sports have come to a halt. However, esports continue to dominate the time of sports fans that are ever-excited about learning more about the latest action. This post takes a look at where you can watch esports.

People are always on the lookout for the hottest matches to stay entertained and esports offers the best of both worlds. Get updated on esports by taking advantage of this post. It shares all the ways you can stay in the know. Now, you can even connect with fans to keep up with the latest rising esports. The best thing about esports is that they continue to be played regardless of the situation around the globe unlike major in-person tournaments which have been cancelled. There are many amazing esports that traditional sports fan can also watch. The following will help you watch esports.

  1. YouTube

One of the best places to watch esports is YouTube. It is where you will find all esports available on the go. You can live stream games, watch old matches, or check the highlights to satisfy all your sports cravings. Sports fans will be blown away by the variety of options to choose from. The most popular esport is League of Legends. There are plenty of YouTube channels that you can subscribe to. They will keep you fully entertained. Events are scheduled live and followers can even participate through comments.

Even if you miss a live match, you can always rely on YouTube to provide you with archives of replays. Thus, you will never run out of options. Rocket League is easily one of the most entertaining esports which is a must-watch. It is suitable for beginners and experts alike. The esport offers the perfect combination between soccer and racing games. Regardless of which esports you aspire to watch, YouTube has got it all. It will keep you hooked. You can rest assured that there is an esport that you will find interesting to watch in your free time.

With YouTube, you will never get bored as thousands upon thousands of videos are uploaded every hour. You can browse through the videos to find out what you like. Moreover, there are many blogs that are dedicated to helping you find a channel that you can tune into to get your daily dose of esports. Once you have found an interesting channel, you will have no trouble knowing about the latest games.

  1. Twitch

Another platform where you can watch esports is Twitch. It is considered to be the most popular live-streaming platform in the world. Just about every esports fan uses Twitch to watch Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more. You will not be disappointed by the amount of content as it is simply the best.

Since Twitch has become a staple in every gamer’s daily life, it is just the platform you need to log into to watch some of the top gamers from across the world. You can also watch amateur players to learn more about the esport. It all comes down to first impression and Twitch is bound to make a good first impression on you. The platform is where you will find all the esports that you can possibly imagine.

Twitch initially started as a platform where gamers go together to live stream games and tournaments, it has grown significantly over the years and for good reason. There is a huge reason for the popularity of the platform. It is extremely easy to use and will keep you entertained even in the most mundane of time. Thus, whether you want to watch gamers play LOL, Call of Duty, 2K, Madden, or any other game, Twitch has got you covered. It is where you can spend your free time to have some fun.

  1. Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has become a popular alternative to Twitch. The reason why it manages to compete with Twitch is because it is unique in its own way and has successfully carved a niche of its own. Not everyone knows that Facebook offers gaming content. In fact, it has a dedicated page just for gamers. With a massive audience, you can always count on Facebook Gaming to help you know about the latest games.

Users will receive a notification every time their favorite gamers begin streaming their latest match. A great thing about Facebook Gaming is that it is extremely easy to use. Even, if you have never used the platform, you should have no trouble navigating it as you might already be a Facebook user and will find the platform similar.

To make the most of Facebook Gaming, you can sort through what streamers and games have to offer. However, it is important to keep in mind that it would be an immense list that you will need to go through to sort out what you will like. The platform is suitable for a global audience. Hence, it does not matter where you might live in the world as the platform can be accessed from just about everywhere. Fox Sports 1 even used Facebook Gaming to broadcast ENASCAR. It offered sports fan with the ultimate racing game experience. Therefore, it is always worth it to check out Facebook Gaming. It is quickly making a name of its own.

  1. Mixer

Mixer is a platform that has been created by Microsoft to satisfy gamers in the best way possible. It found instant success ever since it was first released. The best thing about the Seattle-based site is the fact that is available in 21 languages. What makes it such an exciting platform to check out esports is the fact that Mixer has partnered with Ninja to provide gamers with the ultimate platform that they can learn to rely on for all their esports needs.

With Mixer, esports lovers get to connect with other gamers and join in on the fun. It does not get better than this. Only the top gamers use the platform to live stream the hottest matches. Thus, you will find some of the best players featured at the top of the site.

Microsoft has done a terrific job with Mixer. The site has been nicely organized. This makes it extremely easy for just about anyone to navigate. It does not matter if you are an amateur esports fan or have been following up on the games for a long time as the site will provide you with all the information you need.

Mixer showcases an abundance of games that even the most stubborn of viewers will be satisfied by the site. Each and every modern video game can be found on the site. Thus, you will experience no trouble finding the game of your choice. The platform is famous for its limited lag time. This means that when you watch a gamer, you get to simultaneously interact with them without having to worry about your experience diminishing even slightly. This makes it an incredible platform to watch esports without having to face any inconveniences.  Mixer is perfect for every type of esports fan. It not only offers an amazing experience to users but also goes out of its way to provide an exceptional selection of games.

  1. Television

If you do not like staring at your phone or laptop all day and prefer the conveniences of a television set, you can simply use your TV to watch esports. It is a recent new occurrence that has been appreciated by everyone. It is especially true for viewers in the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. Starcraft received a ton of recognition in Asia. However, broadcasting of esports has been slow in the United States But things have changed for the better in recent times when ESPN 2 partnered with the Evolution Championship Series for airing the Street Fighter V Grand Finals. The successful partnership resulted in the Series premiering on Disney XD as well.

Television channels are airing the hottest games in conjunction with Twitch. TBS aired Eleague’s Street Fighter V and found great success. Similarly, Counter Strike: Global Offensive Premier also received great recognition during the same time. Thus, it is clear that the television of today will not disappoint you in the very least.

If you are already a cable user, you will have no trouble finding a channel that broadcasts your favorite esports. Besides, it requires minimal effort as all you need to do is change the channel. Watching on television allows you to get your friends together for an amazing time. You will be shocked to see just how easy it is to create the perfect esports environment to catch up on the latest tournaments and more.

  1. In-Person

An obvious way to watch esports is by attending a match in person. It also allows you to meet talented players and join the community. It is common for people to think that the “e” in esports means that they would have to use a gadget to watch the tournament. However, that could not be further from the truth. In reality, you can participate in matches and watch things live. It is definitely worth a try.

Esports enthusiasts can Google the latest matches to see if there is any event occurring in their city. If you live in a big city like New York City or London, there is bound to be a live event that you can attend. Esports is all about real-world play since the beginning. LAN parties date back to the beginning of the tech era. You can even place bets while watching your favorite gamers battle it out for the top prize.

Community-run tournaments have become very popular in recent times. There are even massive stadium-filling events that you can check out to join in on the fun. For instance, if you live in Brooklyn, you can sign up for the Brooklyn Beat Down or the amazing Evolution Championship Series. There are also some dedicated esports venues which have recently popped up across the country like the E-League Esports Arena and the Blizzard Arena. However, a few traditional sports venue continue to influence the gaming arena including Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center.

Before you decide to enter any event, you have to be willing to pay for the tickets. The literal cost of teaming up with players is not as much as you would think it would be. But, during Covid-19, some of the biggest esports events have been postponed.

  1. Instagram Live

Instagram is trying new features all the time. Its live feature has become a favorite among esports fans as tournaments can be hosted live for everyone to watch. To utilize the feature, all you need to do is create an Instagram account and follow your favorite esports players and platforms to stay in the know. You will have a great deal of fun on Instagram Live as it does not fail to provide unlimited excitement.

Use Instagram Live to catch up on all the latest esports. You will not be bored on the platform. Keep up with the latest events and more on Instagram Live. The platform is developing new features which allow you to directly interact with the players and the audience. This makes it even more fun to use. Make sure to give Instagram Live a try to fulfill all your esports cravings. You will not regret it.



Once you have gone over this post, you will know where to watch esports. Each and every option mentioned in this post allows you to watch everything you want. Make sure to try out each option to find out which one suit you best.