A kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important spaces in your abode. Cleaning them should not be a difficult task. When you’re cleaning your kitchen, it is important that those germs are cleared that might breed in a nook and cranny. There are a few common kitchen cleaning mistakes that are best avoided to prevent bacterial infection and contamination. Lizzy Simpson, the GM of Modern Maids, talked to the cleaners to create a list of commonly missed areas by customers when they arrive for a professional cleaning. This is another reason why having your home expertly cleaned a few times a year is a good idea.

Common Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes

  1. Improper cleaning of sponges

You have already put the sponge to excessive use for washing dishes or cleaning a countertop. But you may not be aware that a sponge can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, irrespective of the fact whether you rinse it in hot water or disinfect in a dishwasher.

For a sponge that is used regularly for washing dishes and countertops, it should be washed daily. As important as cleaning is drying of the damp sponge. You could microwave the sponge for a couple of minutes.

All in all, it is a good idea to replace dishcloths frequently.

  1. Not regularly cleaning handles/knobs of appliances

Handles of kitchen appliances are most frequently touched in the kitchen. This also includes door knobs, handle of fridge, convection, and oven, and kitchen cabinet and drawer handles. So it cannot be denied that these can easily breed germs.

Research reveals that disease-causing bacteria proliferate on handles of doors, dishwashers, and refrigerators. So you may want to make it a habit of wiping down these frequently used yet overlooked areas.

  1. Not cleaning the stovetop

The stovetop can get dirty pretty quickly, given the amount of cooking you do daily. However, if you do not clean it up fast, burned food can easily stain the stovetop with grease marks. In order to clean it up, you need to sprinkle baking soda onto the stovetop.

Make a paste with little water to cover the stain. Put it on the stovetop and cover with a warm, damp rag. Wait for 30 minutes. Wipe it clean.

  1. Keeping the sink unclean

One of the kitchen cleaning mistakes often overlooked is not to wash the sink after use. You might be surprised to find that the kitchen sink contains more E. coli than a toilet pan. The wet sink is a perfect environment for germs and bacteria to thrive. Wipe clean the sink with mild soap and warm water after washing utensils.

  1. Garbage disposal stinks

Another kitchen cleaning mistake that you often do is to keep the garbage disposal unclean. Little chunks of food left behind in the garbage can create bad smell. One of the best garbage disposal ideas is to mix white vinegar with ice cubes and pour it down the drain. Turn the processor on to clear it all up.

  1. Keeping the reusable grocery bags unclean

You might not be aware of the amount of dust, germs, and bacteria that breed in those reusable bags. Since garbage bags are germ breeding grounds, you may want to avoid this kitchen cleaning mistake by regularly sanitizing the same.

Besides, you should not use these bags for anything but groceries. This will help prevent cross-contamination. Spray with a homemade disinfectant inside out. Air dry the bags air dry.

  1. Using wrong cleaners

While you want to see your kitchen spick and span, it does not mean you should be using acidic cleaners. They are a big no, especially for granite and stone countertops. The use of acidic cleaners is one of the biggest kitchen cleaning mistakes that most homeowners end up making.

Such harsh cleaners can cause etching in the stone. Besides, there is a risk of serious damage to the seal of countertops. As a result, they become prone to absorbing liquids, such as oil spills.

Instead, you may want to use dedicated stone cleaners for cleaning countertops safely. Consider using a pH-neutral liquid cleaner for marble countertops. Such dishwashing liquid works on tough food stains and grease and work gently on the surface.

  1. Wiping clean cleaner quickly

No doubt, you want quick results when it comes to cleaning your kitchen. But does that mean not giving enough time for the cleaner to work. Removing it quickly is a kitchen cleaning mistake that won’t give you satisfactory results.

Every cleaning solution needs sufficient amount of time to activate and produce results. Wait for the cleaner to work before wiping down the surface.

  1. Using wrong cleaners

Another kitchen cleaning mistake that could ruin a beautiful space is the use of wrong cleaning products. Even though certain solutions may be effective for removing food and grease, which are common in a kitchen, they could damage your countertop.  When cleaning laminate, it should help to apply the solution onto a small area first to test whether the solution is safe for that type of countertop surface.

  1. Delaying cleaning of appliances

How often do you clean your appliances? Rarely, right? Well, this is another kitchen cleaning mistake that could ruin your costly equipment, thus affecting the look, functioning, and health of your appliances.

For example, the dishwasher is one appliance that is often overlooked when it comes to kitchen cleaning. Homeowners do not realize that the dishwasher gradually becomes a den of bacteria and germs due to food particles and grease.

Germs can easily proliferate in such appliances if they are not cleaned regularly.

Make it a point to clean chunks of food debris in the filter, racks, and tub. Do not forget to regularly wipe dry the dishwasher seals with a bleaching solution.

Similarly, all other kitchen appliances, from stovetop to oven, microwave, fridge, mixer, and food processor, require regular cleaning.

Avoid these common kitchen cleaning mistake to keep your favorite space neat and spruced up all the time.